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February 2015 Archives

Guardianships for minors: a decision to carefully consider

Earlier this month, we asked our readers to consider guardianships, especially in relation to their own lives. As we explained in our two-part post, guardianships can be incredibly important when a person suddenly becomes incapacitated and needs someone to act on their behalf. But did you know that the same is true for minor children as well?

What do you do with an estate if you are childless and unmarried?

For some people, marriage simply isn't in their future. Whether it's by choice or because of the cards they have been dealt in life, these people oftentimes reach retirement age without any children or a spouse. Although there is nothing innately wrong with being a single retiree, it does present a major problem for your estate plan: what happens to your assets when you die?

$15.6 million nursing home facility approved for Brevard County

As some of our Melbourne readers may remember, a moratorium was put into place in our state in 2001 that stopped the construction and expansion of nursing home facilities across Florida. The intended purpose of the moratorium was to "encourage other forms of assistance" for elderly residents across the state. But the growing demand for nursing home care has forced the legislature to lift the moratorium, granting the construction of new facilities in our state.

Do I need to pay estate taxes here in Florida?

Life is unpredictable. That's why a lot of people here in Florida actively make sure that they have all of their ducks in a row while they still can. This oftentimes means saving early, drafting an estate plan around or prior to retirement age, and making difficult estate planning decisions most people would rather put off until they absolutely have to.

How do you care for your pet after you pass on?

Even though dying is a part of every person's life, we don’t always plan for it like we should. From retirement plans to estate plans, there are a number of things we have to consider as we age that can sometimes fall by the wayside. In many cases, this can occur because we are afraid to approach the conversation of death, even with our closest loved ones.

Can a self-employed individual establish a retirement plan?

If you've considered self-employment or are currently self-employed, then you more than likely know that there are both pros and cons that come with this employment choice. On one hand, you have the ability to set your own schedule and get all of the satisfaction when your endeavors succeed. But on the other hand, self-employment typically doesn't offer you the same benefits that an organized business can offer.

How House Bill 87 could be hurting Florida home owners

If you're like a lot of our Brevard County readers, then you probably consider your home to be among one of your more prized possessions. You have probably worked very hard to not only acquire it but keep it in your family as well. You may even have plans to leave it to one of your children or loved ones when you pass away.

What the Terri Shiavo case taught us about end-of-life wishes

For a lot of people across the nation, the story of 29-year-old Brittany Maynard, the terminally ill woman who moved to Oregon to die legally with help from doctors, is sparking new conversations about end-of-life wishes and what many people are calling a person's "right to die."  It's because of this and other stories that 26 states, including Washington D.C., are expected to consider legislation this year that could change how we view our rights within health law.

Will a new Alzheimer's treatment save Medicaid money?

We all know that as we age, our risk of developing serious degenerative diseases increases with each passing year. It's because of this fact that it is considered a good idea by many to make plans for the added expense of doctors' bills and medical treatments. For many, this means saving early and allocating these funds at a specific time using a properly managed estate plan.

3 important retirement questions you should ask yourself

Thanks to the most recent recession and the collapse of the housing market a few years ago, many people are starting to consider their retirement funds more than they had in the past. The uncertainty with the economy and the housing market means many people are refusing to make risky investment decisions that could jeopardize their nest egg and leave them struggling financially.

What happens to your estate if a beneficiary kills you?

We realize that today's post may be a little on the morbid side but there is a reason behind asking this particular question in today's post title. We ask it because of a case out of New York some of our Florida readers may have heard about on the news. It's the case of Thomas Gilbert Sr., a man who was fatally shot in early January of this year. His son has been arrested and is accused of his murder.

Is living with loved ones a good choice for your family?

For a lot of parents across the country, achieving the proverbial "empty nest" is a long awaited goal. When it happens, most are excited because this opens doors to more freedom. Finally, you're able to do all those projects and go on all those trips you always wanted to take but weren't able to.

Is a reverse mortgage right for you?

If you're nearing retirement age like a lot of our readers are, then you too probably have a lot of questions on your mind about what plans you should be making in regards to your estate and financial security. Because retirement can cut off a large amount of income, most people worry about what will happen to their finances after they stop working. One question often rises to the forefront of everyone's mind: is there anything I can do to subsidize my income?

Some investments can lead to disputes after death, case shows

If you received good financial advice during your early years, then you were probably told to invest your money wisely so that it will pay off for you in the end. As many will tell you, there is always some risk when you invest your money, mostly because there is no way of telling when an investment will succeed or when it will fail.

Differing interpretations of Robin Williams' will ends in dispute

There are few worse things than getting the courts involved with an estate because the heirs disagree on the interpretation of the will. Even though you will have already passed away by the time your estate reaches probate, you may not want to leave a legal headache behind for your loved ones.

A look at guardianships in Florida - Part II

In a post last week we asked our readers to consider an important question: do you have a plan in place just in case you become incapacitated? It's a question that should have hopefully sparked a conversation about guardianships between our Melbourne readers and their loved ones, which is a conversation we will continue today.

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