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October 2015 Archives

Florida company to get even bigger

The mobile products company Brightstar has officially purchased the Canada based company Wireless Works. After a run of acquisitions, Brightstar CEO said the decision to purchase Wireless Works was made to improve their presence in Canada, a country Brightstar already offers services to.

Spousal undue influence

Here in Florida, undue influence is the leading legal claim for invalidating wills. Prior to 2002, the claim of undue influence left the claimant with the burden of proof, requiring them to show that the will in question was created or modified by undue influence.

The annuity version of a charitable lead trust

Charitable lead trusts are a handy way for wealthy individuals to give to their favorite cause while setting aside assets for their loved ones. One of the best features of a charitable lead trust is the substantial tax break it gives to the donor. For this reason, many very wealthy individuals look to the annuity type of these trusts for contribution and estate planning.

Why decide guardianship for a TBI survivor?

When an individual suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI), their family members are likely already struggling with the loss of their loved one's quality of life. Physical abilities, personality traits, and cognitive function can be significantly impaired. For the surviving family members, this represents a unique challenge during what is already a difficult time.

What is a pension buyout?

In the last few years, many individuals have been asked by former employers if they would like to take advantage of a lump sum pension buyout. Taking what may work out to be a couple of hundred dollars a month in 10 years and converting it into a check for thousands of dollars today may seem appealing. However, those receiving these offers should wonder what's in it for the company and what's in it for them.

Tallest Edgewater condo to break ground

Edgewater is a booming condo market and one of the fasted growing and most sought after residential community in Miami. Being of such interest to developers has some looking at new ways to make their projects unique. For one such condo project its impressive height may make it interesting but also dangerous.

What is adequate disclosure and why does it matter?

One aspect of estate management and planning is gifting. Gifting assets can be a useful way to preserve your estate and protect it from unnecessary taxes. Of course when considering any type of gift giving it is important to discuss your wishes with an estate attorney with tax knowledge to stay informed of any tax consequences your gift may have.

400,000 volunteer veterans help to benefit others

In a recent press release, the Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs stated that the Million Veteran Program (MVP) has broken the 400,000 veteran enrollment mark. This milestone shows good cause to believe that the MVP program is well on its way to becoming the world's largest database of military and medical records.

Obamacare costs more for meds than other plans

Knowing that more Americans have healthcare coverage now than ever before should make people feel pretty good about Obamacare. However, if you're one of the millions of chronically ill patients receiving healthcare and drug coverage through the online health care marketplace, you may not feel as good about now.

Leave debts to the probate court

probate-litigation-debt-frese-hansen.jpgIf you have been named the executor of a loved one's will, there are several reasons to file the will with the probate court. While it is a pretty common notion that probate is a long and drawn out process, it is a process for a reason, and it helps to protect executors as well as the estate from any unforeseen issues.

Battle for land won by church

In a case that is being called 'important,' one Jacksonville Beach church wins a longstanding battle for permission to build a new house of worship on land it owns. After nearly two years of back and forth battling the church can finally continue plans for its new home.

Lawsuits against VW continue to grow

Recent news of the Volkswagen emissions scandal has many people wondering what is in store for the auto giant. For the American public, finding out millions of cars on the road are fraudulently passing emissions testing is disappointing. However, for VW owners, realizing you've been lied to this whole time is downright upsetting. And with thousands of upset individuals joining in class actions lawsuits against VW, knowing what's in store for the automaker may not be a mystery for long.

Companies in crosshairs for lacking cybersecurity

With cyber breaches being one of the newest threats to companies and consumers, it is not surprising that the powers that be are pushing for change. A recent court ruling gave the Federal Trade Commission more power to hold companies accountable for lacking cybersecurity. While many think this is a step in the right direction, some are wondering if the FTC's new authority may mean more lawsuits.

To challenge or not to challenge a will

For many people, finding out they have lost a loved one is difficult enough without having to deal with probate court and the will. However, when someone finds out they have been cut out of a will without their knowledge or for no reason, the loss may be even more difficult. While it is always nice to know that your loved one thought of you when divvying up their estate, it can be hurtful and confusing when someone you thought would leave you something doesn't. In the event that a loved one you previously thought had you in their will passes away and strangely leaves you nothing, you may consider challenging the will.

Do I have to leave my IRA to my spouse?

Depending on your situation, you may feel that you and your spouse are financially secure enough that you can leave your IRA assets to someone other than your spouse, like a child or a relative. While it is your right to name a beneficiary, it is important to know that, depending on where you live, you might need to get express permission from your spouse to designate a primary beneficiary.

Considering a short sale?

For individuals looking to buy a home, whether for a private residence or as an investment property, the struggle the housing market was recently faced with may actually seem like a good thing. While many people lost their homes to foreclosure or were forced into a short sale situation, buyers with cash in hand can swoop in and snatch up a house for a great price. However, while most people that pick up property on a short sale feel good about their purchase, some buyers may feel like they are being taken advantage of.

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