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November 2015 Archives

Amusement park booted for not paying rent

It is difficult to believe that a popular children's amusement park could get the boot after decades of being part of the community, but as it turns out every property owner has their limit. And for the owner of the property the Miracle Strip Amusement Park sits on, it's $328,000.

Two new commercial projects possibly coming to Fort Lauderdale

Florida, like much of the U.S., is rebounding and as a sign of this rebound commercial space is growing. With more people working and more money being spent, businesses are looking to either expand in Florida or move here. As the South Florida Business Journal reports, two new commercial projects are being considered by Fort Lauderdale.

Help me understand estate tax

As with most aspects of estate planning, the tax implications of it can be somewhat confusing. Many times individuals looking to make charitable contributions or gift away assets have to consider the tax consequences involved in those decisions. However, for estate planners in the Sunshine State of Florida, that's where the worry pretty much ends.

Thousands of people looking for new health coverage in 2016

Hundreds of thousands of currently insured individuals will be forced to seek new health care coverage in 2016 due to funding issues that are forcing more than half of all health care coverage co-ops to close. An official with the Health and Human Services Department testified on Capitol Hill stating that an abundance of solvency issues are forcing 12 of the 23 nonprofit co-ops to discontinue coverage in the coming year.

Protecting trade secrets

Every successful business has a few tricks of the trade that helped it become what it is. Sometimes theses practices are nothing too special, just something that worked. And other times they are trade secrets that are rarely discussed and kept under lock and key. When business owners attribute their success to these 'trade secrets' they usually take extra steps to protect them from their competitors. One of the most commonly used methods of protection for a company's trade secrets is the use of nondisclosure agreements.

New rule in works for charity donors

Most Americans don't keep very good financial records for tax time. However, one thing most individuals try to keep track of is their tax deductible charitable receipts. Generally, this is not a problem for the conservative giving that most Americans do, but for people that give a substantial amount throughout the year, keeping donation receipts can be detrimental to their tax filing. After years of asking taxpayers to prove their charitable deductions through receipts, the IRS is now looking at other ways to substantiate donations.

Many want Medicaid expansion on ballot for 2016

Florida is one of the 20 states that have yet to expand Medicaid under the new provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Without the expansion of Medicaid, 1 million Florida residents are stuck somewhere in the middle of making too much for Medicaid benefits and too little to afford other health care. The alarming number of uninsured residents has Florida Health Solutions concerned, and looking to get the matter put to vote in the 2016 election.

Veteran friendly Florida makes number 1 spot

A new independent study lists Florida as the most veteran friendly state there is. According to Florida TaxWatch, an impressive 1.6 million veterans are currently residing in Florida. This number comes out to be one in every 12 adults and represents how attractive the sunshine state is to veterans.

Upscale senior living complex coming to West Palm Beach

For retirees looking to enjoy all the sunshine and splendor that Florida has to offer, there will soon be another option to choose from for beachfront living. The South Florida Business Journal reports that The Tower at MorseLife is scheduled to break ground this month and be completed by summer 2017.

What is adverse possession?

Chances are you either know someone who lives by one or have traveled passed one in your lifetime: a noise barrier. These are large, relatively unattractive walls that the highway department puts up to block interstate and highway noise from residential neighborhoods.

The elements of business law

Many people that start up a business feel that the amount of detail and organization that goes into its creation is overwhelming. You may have started with a great idea or a useful skill. Maybe you even had a well-drafted business plan but beyond that, you may need the help of a skilled business law attorney to help you identify any missing and necessary elements.

Florida is a great place to work according to Forbes

Here in Florida we know how beautiful and inviting our cities are. And depending on your career, you may also consider it the best place to live and work too. If that's the case, then you may not be surprised to see Florida toward the top of the Forbes list of "Best States for Businesses."

Corruption bill goes to Legislature

Millions of tax dollars are wasted each year to cover the cost of corruption. This is true for nearly every state in the U.S. However, according to a new report Florida is ranked number one for public sector corruption. A new bill designed to curb corruption has gained Senate support and is now headed to Legislature.

Business litigation takes preparation

If you are a business owner, you know how valuable time is. When faced with a business matter that may end in litigation, sometimes the preparation for it can be a daunting and time-consuming process. For business owners, the key to successful litigation is to arm yourself with a team of trusted specialists that can do the footwork for you, so your valuable time can be used doing what you do best: running your business.

Real estate agent faces criminal charges

The luxury real estate market in South Florida can make or break a real estate agent's career. With homes selling in the millions, it is a cut-throat profession where only the best survive. As the Miami Herald reports, one real estate agents desire to snuff out the competition has him facing time for extortion, resisting arrest and other charges.

When writing a will know what to exclude

inheritances-writing-your-will-frese-hansen.jpgAs estates become more complex and wishes become more detailed, many individuals have opted to forego the traditional will and create trusts instead. Both allow you to designate heirs and gift property, but wills carry out wishes after your death and trusts begin the moment they are created. Both wills and trusts have specific guidelines to follow when writing them. Having an experienced attorney can help you avoid making mistakes that can invalidate your will or trust.

Florida real estate continues to cruise

residential-real-estate-florida-market-frese-hansen.jpgFor individuals looking to buy or sell in Florida, now may be the time. According to newly released information provided by Florida Realtors, Florida saw an increase in home sales and median prices in the month of September compared to the month prior and the same time last year.

Planning for Medicaid takes an attorney

Health care costs are not going down. In fact, for millions of American seniors health care costs, even with Medicare are unbearable. It is not difficult to assume that the continuing increase in long-term care and nursing home expenses make them the highest they have ever been. Seniors facing these kinds of expenses may benefit by speaking to a trusted elder law attorney.

Health care proxy versus power of attorney

When most people think of a power of attorney, they tend to think of a person put in charge of an individual in the event they are found to be incapacitated. While the general idea is correct, it really only covers half of the definition. In the event of an individual's inability to make their own decisions, a power of attorney and health care proxy may be assigned to them.

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