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December 2015 Archives

Important aspects of forming a corporation

Starting a new business is exciting but requires an intense amount of planning and preparation. Deciding which form of business your enterprise will take is a crucial step in the planning process. For individuals interested in forming a corporation, there are several important aspects that must be considered before doing so.

What are the duties of the executor of a will?

The main resource in many individuals' estate plans is a will. A necessary element in every will is an executor. The executor of a will is an individual appointed by a court or named in the document as the individual responsible for the deceased's final financial obligations. Immediate family members are typically named as executors. This may include children, spouses and parents. Although taking care of an individual's final financial obligations may not seem difficult, being an executor means being responsible for everything from taxes and bills to disposing of property.

How do I settle a land lord tenant dispute?

Any time during a tenancy a dispute may arise between a tenant and their landlord. Even if the relationship between landlord and tenant is a friendly one, different issues can cause a breakdown of communication and lead to disagreements. Fortunately, for both landlords and tenants there are several different methods to settling a dispute. And while some of them do not require the help of an attorney, disputes that cannot easily be settled might end up in small claims court where the help of an experienced attorney will be valuable.

Setting your heirs up for success

When individuals consider their estate plan and the possibility of leaving an inheritance to their loved ones, they typically have many questions. Most often people wonder what they should leave to whom. For individuals with substantial estates, the concerns become even more complex. How much should be left to children? A spouse? Should your assets be divided equally or equitably among your loved ones? Even though these questions represent a significant amount of concern, none should outweigh an individual's concern for how their heirs will handle the inheritance once it's received.

What are the two types of laws that govern contracts?

No matter the type of business you own, contracts will likely be the most common type of legal transaction you will handle. A contract represents a legally enforceable agreement between you and another party. Understanding the various types of contracts and the laws that governs them is crucial in running a successful business.

As the market grows so does the need for experienced attorneys

Everything that we're reading right now tells us that the Florida real estate market is continuing to improve. Property values are going up and so is the demand for more commercial space. As the market continues to recover and business continues to move into Florida, it is likely that the need for experienced commercial real estate attorneys will also continue to increase.

Long-term care and Medicaid spend down

Medicaid can be a useful benefit for seniors facing long-term care expenses. However, becoming eligible for it can be somewhat tricky. Long-term care facilities typically are very expensive. This may pose a significant problem to seniors whose income puts them above the Medicaid eligibility cap. Seniors whose income is above the Medicaid eligibility cut off may need to spend down their income to become eligible for Medicaid. Before making any serious decisions, seniors and their loved ones should keep in mind some important factors when coming up with a plan for Medicaid spend down.

Free parking for disabled veterans on its way

Showing our veterans how grateful we are for their service is difficult to do. Supporting new programs that help returning soldiers and veterans live a healthy, happy life is just one way citizens can say thank you. Just recently it was announced that Tampa International Airport will be showing their appreciation for veterans in another very easy, but very valuable way; by offering disabled veterans free parking.

2016 Chamber Competitiveness Agenda released

Economic rebound is not nationwide, but here in Florida it seems to be a trending thing. The Chamber of Commerce released details of its new Competitiveness Agenda, and it matches what Governor Rick Scott has planned for Florida's pro-growth future.

What if I inherit a home that has a reverse mortgage on it?

Occasionally, individuals will bequeath their home to a loved one after they pass away as part of an inheritance. While this is a generous gesture, it can sometimes burden the beneficiary with unwanted responsibility. This may be especially true if the deceased had a reverse mortgage on the home prior to their death. While a reverse mortgage can provide the homeowner with valuable income during their lifetime, upon their death, the balance must be paid back to the lender. If the home is left to a loved one, it is their responsibility to settle with the lender before the property is truly theirs.

Is life insurance actually part of an estate plan?

For many people, considering an estate plan is difficult, but not nearly as difficult as coming up with one. When individuals sit down with an attorney, they often feel overwhelmed with the amount of detail and consideration that must go into designing a plan that meets their needs. One common aspect of an estate plan is life insurance. Depending on your situation, a life insurance policy may actually be a very important part of you and your family's financial well-being.

Preparing your business for success takes help

As a business owner you know that the key to being successful is being prepared. Unfortunately, there are some situations that even the most prepared individuals are not ready for. Business disputes of any kind can sneak up on an individual and take a toll on them and their company if not handled effectively and efficiently. When business or contract disputes threaten your livelihood, speaking to an attorney can put you back on track to success.

Charity founder's son pleads guilty of embezzlement

For many individuals, their estate plan includes a donation gifted to their favorite charity. Regardless of how minor or substantial these gifts may be, knowing the funds are being put to good use supporting the things we love is usually enough of a reason to do it. However, occasionally donations are intercepted by the hands of greedy individuals. When this happens, our gifts of charitable support turn into expendable income for someone it was never meant for. For many Florida residents, this may very well be the case, as a local fire captain pleads guilty to embezzlement of funds given to a charity founded by his father.

BlueMedicare Preferred coming to Jacksonville

A new health care option for Medicare recipients is coming to Florida beginning in January. According to a recent article in the Jacksonville Business Journal, Florida Blue is teaming with Alignment health care to open various clinics in and around the Jacksonville area.

Aid and Attendance Benefit for veterans

Many times elderly veterans need extra care or have a spouse that requires extra care. For millions of Americans, these costs can strain families and drain savings accounts. Fortunately for veterans, the VA offers a little known but amazing benefit called the Aid and Attendance Benefit. Unfortunately, applying for this benefit can possibly open the door to fraudulent selling practices and scam artists.

Help for your fear of health care costs

Despite the nation's best efforts to curb ballooning health care costs, the amount many Americans are spending on their personal health is financially ruining. The costs for health care and coverage increases with age, and for many individuals approaching retirement, the idea of having limited income but increasing medical bills is terrifying. That is why individuals facing this fear should get the help of a trusted elder law attorney.

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