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Rights and actions of trust beneficiaries

People can designate the distribution of their assets and property through trusts. Those who receive the trusts, or beneficiaries, are not always aware of their rights and abilities in regards to the trusts.

Doctors and noncompete agreements

Whether you are a practicing doctor or operate a medical facility, you want your practice to be successful. That is why you connect with the specific facilities or physicians. However, sometimes those relationships may change, and separation is imminent.

Understanding undue influence issues in Florida

It happens fairly often. An elderly person makes a typical will, leaving some portions of the estate to relatives and some others to charity. Maybe she sets up a trust. Then, suddenly, for no apparent reason, a new will appears, leaving the bulk of the estate to an unrelated individual, often a caretaker.

Basic agreements your startup company should use

Thinking about the legal aspects of starting your new business may not be as much fun as choosing the company name or working out goals for the first year of operation. Still, you should get the ball rolling on a few important legal agreements.

Is a co-founder harming the interests of your company?

Perhaps you and two friends formed a partnership a few years ago. The business you created was doing well until recently, when it appears that one of the founders began working in his own interests instead of those that would benefit the company.

How can I prevent landlord and tenant disputes?

Landlord and tenant disputes in Florida can arise at any time for many kinds of reasons. The longer it takes to resolve real estate disagreements, the harder it can be for everyone involved to move on with their lives. Unresolved landlord and tenant issues can lead to stress, lost rental income and legal complications. It is not possible to keep tenants from complaining about everything.

What you need to know about sinkholes before making a claim

Florida tops the list of states with the most sinkholes, and as a resident of the Sunshine State, you may know that your ability to purchase sinkhole insurance is guaranteed. You may feel perfectly safe in your home, but the fact is that sinkholes are unpredictable.

Common types of breach of contract in business construction

Business contracts are meant to make all expectations clear and binding to prevent unfulfilled obligations and disputes. However, sometimes parties do not uphold their ends of the contract. This is unfortunately common in the construction industry.

How can I resolve a real estate escrow dispute?

If you were in the process of buying a property in Florida only to encounter complications that prevent you from closing on it, you might have a real estate escrow dispute on your hands. It is important for you to understand what an escrow dispute is so you can learn how to manage any disagreements you may have regarding it.

Trustee responsibilities for the first few months

If you are taking responsibility as successor trustee of a living trust, you might be stressing out and feeling overwhelmed. Thankfully, you are generally not expected to get to work on day one. There is generally a period of time for families to grieve and decide what to do about memorial services. However, within a few weeks you should start collecting important information, documents and bills in preparation for administering assets. Here is an overview of your core responsibilities and duties within the first few months of being a trustee.

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