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Construction Litigation Archives

Elements you can't miss in drafting a construction contract

Construction projects involve the investment of significant sums of money. This is one of the reasons it is so critical that, in drafting a work contract, you do so in a way that keeps your interests at heart.

How to protect yourself when hiring a contractor

Having a home built is a milestone in a person's life. It is exciting, stressful, overwhelming and fun all at once. Whether you've had a home built before or this is your first experience with new construction, it is in your best interest to protect yourself when hiring a contractor. Here are some tips to make this happen in Melbourne, Florida.

Red flags to avoid when you're looking to hire a contractor

Living in Florida, you've probably seen a number of hurricanes in your lifetime. Not too long after you head out to survey the damage the storm had caused to your home, contractors can be seen circulating your community or posting advertisements for their services online and in other public spaces seeing if you need any help with repairs. It's then that you've most vulnerable to being scammed.

Construction defect lawsuits on the rise in South Florida

At a time when construction work itself is trending flat or down in the area, construction law suits seem to be on the rise. The increase in lawsuits are related to a range of issues, one being that numerous condos and residential high-rise buildings erected a decade or more ago seem to have suffered from numerous defects. Residences in these areas allegedly have not had any luck getting contractors or landlords to foot the bill for correcting the defects.

How to recover for a construction defect claim, Part 2

Construction defect claims arise when a party purchases real property, such as a building, that contains inherit defects that undermine or invalidate the intended purpose for its use. If a construction defect arises, the buyer is permitted to pursue litigation against the general contractor, seller, and subcontractor responsible for the defect. A previous post discussed how a plaintiff might win a negligence suit. This post will discuss how a construction defect could give rise to a breach of contract claim.

Florida prosecutors win case against construction company

Prosecutors in Florida have secured a victory in a tax-scam case against a construction company. The two sides reached a settlement worth $5.2 million. In the case, five partners backed a firm that inflated tax credits by inflating the costs of projects. Those five partners were uncharged in the scam.

Tips to select a lawyer for construction litigation

If you have never been involved in litigation, then you may not know the best way to go about hiring a competent attorney who is experienced in your particular issues. You likely see numerous T.V., bus, and billboard ads for a variety of attorneys who promise you'll pay "cents on the dollar" or open with "if you were injured in a car accident." While those attorneys are experienced in personal injury and tax litigation, how does that help you through your construction dispute?

A review of Florida’s construction defect law

Construction defects are the bread and butter of lawsuits against developers, general contractors, and subcontractors. Construction defect is the body of law that enables end-users of buildings (commonly homeowners) to sue the original parties that built the house in which the homeowner now resides. This post will go over construction defect and how it operates in Florida.

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