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Posts tagged "Construction Litigation"

Steps to follow when hiring a home repair contractor in Florida

When it's time to hire a contractor, one of the biggest fears homeowners have is putting up big bucks only to end up with work that's not performed correctly or is not up to code. That's why the Licensing Board for Florida's Construction Industry has issued some guidelines to help minimize your risk of this happening.

Why to avoid using unlicensed contractors for making home repairs

After a hurricane strikes, it's not all that uncommon to see construction companies circling affected neighborhoods looking to see if anyone needs for repairs to be made to their home. While many of the contractors that are circling about are licensed, just as many others are not. Oftentimes, the unlicensed contractors are the ones offering the lowest bids because they have very little overhead.

What does the term 'mechanic's lien' mean in construction?

If you are building a new home or improving an existing residence in Florida, you probably make it a priority to pay your construction-related expenses accurately and timely. After all, failure to do so would result in delays and may even result in construction disputes or litigation. As a person who pays your bills on time, you may expect others involved in your project to do so as well.

What kind of disputes can lead to construction litigation?

Construction litigation occurs for a variety of reasons. Essentially, any kind of unresolved construction dispute between clients and contractors can lead to litigation. Disputes between these parties happen a lot more often than you may think, especially in Florida's booming construction industry.

Contractors don't always behave in an ethical manner

Hiring a contractor to do work is something that is very serious. Almost everyone in this area has probably heard horror stories about contractors who get down payments to do work and then don't complete the job. This is something that is simply unacceptable.

9 unlicensed contractors are arrested in Sarasota for shoddy work

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Department announced on July 17, 2017 that they had arrested nine men for posing as licensed contractors. A spokesperson for the police department describes the men as being smooth-talking businessmen that despite having the ability to talk a good game, lacked the necessary skills to properly carry out the most basic construction projects. They also completed work without permits.

Construction litigation for poor workmanship or defects

When you hire a Florida contractor to work on your home or business, you probably feel that it is a critical undertaking. You also probably expect the contractor to do exactly what the job requires according to your agreement. What happens if the contractor does not perform in accordance with your agreement? What can you do about it?

Steps to find a reputable contractor to make repairs to your home

After a bad storm hits, it's not all that uncommon that different contractors will rush into the area to try to take advantage of the uptick in work. While many, who may be canvassing the area, are licensed and insured, most likely just as many are not.

Biscayne Beach lawsuit filed over construction-related damage

Property owners have many rights. Chief among those is the right to not have their property damaged by others. If it is, they can make a legal claim for compensation. That is at the core of a construction dispute about debris-related damage in Biscayne Beach, Florida.

How do you hire a contractor to handle hurricane repairs?

If your home has suffered from storm or hurricane damage, you'll want to make sure that you get the damage repaired as quickly as possible. If you ever need to sell your home, you want it to be in good repair, and storm damage -- especially when it concerns your roof -- could create more problems later on down the road that only get more expensive to fix with time.

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