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Commercial Property Closings Archives

A review of important lease terms, Part 3

The lease is the primary document that defines the relationship between the property owner and lessor. It serves as the primary body of language for which either party can seek redress for harms. It is thus crucial that both parties understand what they are signing and how those terms operate. As discussed previously, even describing the property is critical. This post will continue discussing crucial lease terms that should be included in every post.

Leaser vs. Buy of commercial property, Part 1

The age-old question, what is a better investment, leasing or buying property? At first blush, you might think purchasing property is the best investment. You secure long-term control, and your business gains an asset. But, leasing a property allows you to deduct the lease payments and greater flexibility in case you need to relocate operations. This post will go over the pros and cons of leasing and buying.

Do you need a lawyer to close out a real estate deal?

Most states do not require an attorney to be part of the closing process of a real estate deal. Usually, a broker is sufficient. But, depending on the complexity and size of the contract, you may want a lawyer present to address any last-minute problems before you ink the contract. This post will go over when you may want to hire an attorney so that you can identify when you may need some legal assistance.

A review of important lease terms, Part 2

Leases are long, comprehensive, and complex documents; as well they should be. Most leases lock you into a contract for a year or more. The last thing you need is a lease that is poorly constructed and leaves you vulnerable to lawsuits. As discussed in a previous post, you need to carefully include all necessary terms, such as time, who bears improvements, and the party names. This post will go over some lesser-known clauses.

Tips to negotiate commercial leases

Commercial leases are intimidating to negotiate. Most commercial leases, unlike residential, go on for many years or even decades. Therefore, you are stuck with your tenant for a long time, so the deal better is a good one. This post will go over some tips for negotiating a commercial lease.

A review of important lease terms, Part 1

The lease is the controlling document for your properties. It is critical that each lease is securely crafted. Leases that overlook important terms undermine the reliability of your properties and their commercial value. This post will go over the most important terms you should cover in your lease and how you might utilize them.

Getting your house ready to sell

Whether you're selling your family home or you're a developer selling dozens of condo units, you want to make sure you get everything you can out of the sale. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to improve the value that won't necessarily cost you an arm and a leg.

Four steps to take before purchasing your first home

Many experts are predicting a homebuyer's market next year, which means if you've thought about purchasing your first, the time may be fast approaching to finally do it. Of course, it's an understatement to say that buying a home is a huge deal; there's the somewhat scary financial aspects, but you also want to choose a house that will be your beloved place for your family for years to come.

Using a lawyer during the home-buying process

If you're a first-time homebuyer, you undoubtedly have a range of questions regarding the process. You may have read things on the internet or gotten advice from friends who have bought homes in the past, but every situation is different, so you may still have some qualms about how everything works.

Why go with a lawyer for your real estate closing?

If you've found the perfect home or commercial property and you're getting ready to go through the process of closing, you may be wondering why it's advantageous to go with an attorney rather than a title company. A real estate closing may appear to be a simple process at first glance, so it may seem doable. Here in the state of Florida, you have the choice of using either a title company or an attorney, so it is perfectly reasonable to choose a title company. However, there are a number of ways in which a real estate lawyer can ensure a smoother handover.

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