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Posts tagged "Real Estate Litigation"

What is a construction defect claim? Part 1

To a certain extent, developers rely on their contractors to deliver a finished building that is safe, up to code and free from defects. Defects in a structure can sink an entire deal because no one wants to assume responsibility for a building that does not meet safety or permitting standards. Additionally, a defective building could become a safety or health hazard. This post will go over the basics of a construction defect issue.

How to deal with zoning issues

Commercial zoning laws exist to regulate the sizes of buildings, their proximity to one another and what type of business can be conducted in what area. As a business owner, it can be scary to navigate these zoning laws. You may even find that you're in violation without being aware. If that happens, is all hope lost? Not necessarily. There are still a number of options available to you.

Florida woman in dispute with HOA over clothesline

Anyone who's been a part of a homeowners' association knows how hard it can be to keep everyone in compliance. That includes things like properly maintaining the yard, paying attention to the posted signs and obeying the rules of the community. On the other side of the coin is the resident, who often feels as if the rules are either unfair or aren't being enforced properly.

An introduction to toxic mold claims

Last week, we went over some of the basics about toxic mold; what it is, where it thrives and what health problems it can lead to. Now that we know some of the basics let's take a look at who can be held responsible and on what grounds you can file a claim for toxic mold on your property.

What is toxic mold?

In recent years, toxic mold in commercial properties and homes has increased dramatically, leading to injuries and even death. The reasons are many: poor building techniques, substandard materials and airtight designs are just a few of them. Mold thrives in wet, damp and dark environments, so leaky roofs, poorly insulated windows, improper insulation and pipe leaks can all lead to excess moisture, which festers into mold.

Florida HOA fined $16 million for mismanagement

If you live in a community, chances are good that you have a Homeowners Association. The HOA agrees to provide you with certain services, which could include maintaining common areas, enforcing bylaws, keeping the pool clean and much more. In return, you pay a monthly or yearly fee and agree to abide by the rules set up by the HOA.

Avoid these foreclosure scams

When you find yourself behind on mortgage payments and the prospect of losing your house is becoming all too real, it's natural to feel a little desperate about your situation. After all, your home is your sanctuary; it's where you raise your family and it's the place where you hold all your fondest memories. So the idea of having to let go of that can leave you stressed and vulnerable. Sadly, there are many people out there who might try to take advantage of you while you are involved in foreclosure proceedings.

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