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Posts tagged "Real Estate Litigation"

Reasons residents may elect to sue their homeowner's association

Living in communities protected by a homeowner's association's (HOA) covenants and restrictions can be both a blessing and curse. While many see themselves as building in an added layer of protection for their investment by living in these types of communities, when disputes arise, it's common for their choice to live in one to be seen as a mistake.

What is litigation?

When you want to take someone to court, you'll go through the process of litigation. In real estate, there's always a chance that you may need to sue or pursue a claim in court. Perhaps a contract is breached or a tenant does not pay on time. Regardless of the event, if you want the court to hear your case, this is the process you need.

What can you do if you have buyer's remorse over a house bid?

"Buyer's remorse" is something that almost everyone recognizes. At some point in your life, you've probably purchased something that wasn't in your budget and paid more for it than you intended.

What happens if I buy a home with material latent defects?

If you purchase a home in Florida and discover immediately afterward that there are issues that the seller did not disclose before the closing, you may be able to file a lawsuit against them. Keep in mind that not every potential problem that you encounter with your home is something that the previous owner should tell you about. Some issues that may occur after you close on your home are natural, such as the settling of the foundation.  

Lack of easement sparks dispute between condos

A condo association in Ponte Vedra has accused a builder of not providing an easement that the two sides had previously agreed upon. The condo association is called The Innlet at Ponte Vedra Beach Condominium Association, and it is pursing legal action against a builder known as Dream Finders Homes.

Handling a house sale when you suddenly regret selling

What happens if you decide to sell a house and then get seller's regret before the deal is even done? Can you back out? What's the worst that can happen if you refuse to go through with the deal?

Property management company Aimco sues Airbnb over sublets

Now, more than two months since the Denver-based property management real estate market giant, Aimco, filed their lawsuit against Airbnb in Miami-Dade County's Circuit Court system, their case might finally be getting its day in court. The publicly-traded plaintiff in this case alleges that the defedant, a popular short-term rental website, encouraged its users to engage in the illegal subletting of their units at both Miami's Bay Parc Plaza and South Beach's Famingo Towers apartments complexes.

What are common homeowner association regulations?

Living in a community of townhomes or condominiums can have its advantages, but it can also have its disadvantages. Some purposely move to these communities for the homeowner's association. Others move there in spite of the homeowner's association. Each homeowner's association is different in Florida, but there are similarities. What are the common homeowner association regulations?

Appellate court rules condo owner can't offer short-term lease

The increase in popularity of Airbnb and short-term housing rental sites in the past few years has created a whole new host of legal dilemmas for Florida condo and homeowner's associations. Disputes have emerged over issues surrounding the use over an homeowner's property, which has resulted in an understanding that condo owners are not entitled to lease access to their residences on an unrestricted basis as they may want to.

Does your new property purchase have an easement issue?

An easement involves someone having the right to use land that doesn't belong to them, usually because using the land is a necessary and functional requirement. One of the most common reasons for an easement in residential situations is that one landholder must be able to cross another landowner's property to reach his or her home. In such a case, the first person has an easement right to use a road on the other person's property.

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