Elder Law & Medicaid Planning

Planning for Peace of Mind

Frese, Whitehead & Anderson, P.A.: Central Florida Elder Law Attorneys

With average monthly expenses for nursing home care exceeding $7,000 a month — it does not take a math genius to infer that the average person cannot support this kind of payment over a long period of time. What you may not know is that elder law addresses exactly these types of concerns and that with proper planning, you can have peace of mind and the care you need without surrendering everything you own to the government.

Elder law concerns are an important part of our estate planning practice at Frese, Whitehead & Anderson, P.A.. Some of the elder law issues our lawyers can assist you with include:

  • Asset protection planning
  • Medicaid planning
  • Purchasing long-term health insurance
  • Using trusts and annuities to reallocate or preserve assets
  • Real property transfers
  • Gifts and charitable contributions
  • Tax planning
  • Guardianships
  • Fiduciary management of the property of minors

Preserving Medicaid Eligibility and Your Assets at the Same Time

National statistics indicate that at least 1 out of 4 persons ages 65 to 80 will need nursing home attention during his or her lifetime. With that statistic in mind, the question that has to be asked is: "Who pays?"

Unfortunately, unless you have planned ahead the answer to that question is you — and more to the point, your spouse or the beneficiaries you had planned to leave your assets to. Although the details of asset protection and Medicaid eligibility are too complex to explain here, we do want to stress the benefits of consulting with an attorney about these matters as early as possible and would welcome the opportunity to help.

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