Powers of Attorney

Essential Tools In Every Estate Plan

The two most important estate planning instruments — the two tools that should be a part of every plan — are the will and the power of attorney (POA). The first is for the management and distribution of your property after death. The second is for managing your property and health care during your life, in case you are ever unable to do so yourself.

While a will is commonly understood to be necessary for everyone, POA documents are often misunderstood or neglected. However, having a durable POA in place can mean the difference between having a stranger make decisions for you and having a trusted family member or friend act on your behalf.

At the Florida law firm of Frese, Whitehead & Anderson, P.A., we assist individuals in Viera and throughout Brevard County with drafting and reviewing these essential documents. Our lawyers are deeply familiar with:

  • Durable powers of attorney — This type of document allows you to specify who you want to make financial decisions for you, should you become incapacitated. The person you name will be able to withdraw money from bank accounts, pay bills in your name and more.
  • Medical powers of attorney — This type of document allows you to name someone you trust to make health care decisions for you, should you be in a coma or otherwise unable to speak for yourself.

Helping You Prepare For The Unexpected

For the past 25 years, Frese, Whitehead & Anderson, P.A. has been helping individuals and families to successfully prepare for the uncertainties of the future. Our mission is to ensure that your financial and medical wishes will be heeded, regardless of any unexpected situation in which you may find yourself.

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