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March 2015 Archives

Do you have the right power of attorney working for you?

Whether you read about it here on our blog or have talked to an experience estate planning professional, chances are you've been warned about the legal problems your estate can encounter if you don't take the time now to draft a good plan. But while acknowledging this concern is something all of our readers should do at least once in their lifetime, we'd also like our readers to consider how they themselves can be affected by an ill-prepared estate plan.

Even the young should consider updating their estate plan

If you've read a lot of our blog posts, then you might get the impression that estate planning is only for people who are retirement age and older. That's because a lot of our posts focus on the importance of having a solid estate plan when you're older and the problems you and your loved ones can run into when a plan is less than ironclad.

Warning, antibiotic resistant germs can be found in nursing homes

When you have a good estate plan in place that accounts for potential long-term illnesses or extended stays in a nursing home, you tend not to worry if you have to visit the doctors down the road. You may experience less stress if you have to stay in a hospital or nursing home to receive care. That's because you've set aside money for this exact purpose and know that you're covered.

Florida's power of attorney laws changed, do you know them?

There are probably a large number of our Melbourne readers who decided to draft their estate plan earlier in life rather than waiting until after retirement. Although this is considered a very good idea by many, especially when considering how unpredictable life can be on occasion, the effectiveness of an early-drafted estate plan can depend greatly on whether or not it has been updated over the course of its life.

To sell a business or not to sell, that is the question

There are those few ambitious souls in the world who see starting their own business not just as a worthwhile risk but as the best possible form of employment for their personality and desires. For these people, starting a business from the ground up is a labor of love that they oftentimes work their entire lives on. When they reach retirement age though, a difficult question arises: should they sell their business or pass it on to their children?

How your family's fear of death could hinder your estate plan

Have you ever tried to start the conversation about your estate plan with your family only to have them shutdown and change the subject? If you answered yes to this question, you're not alone. A lot of people have an aversion to talking about death and who can blame them? There is a finality to death that can easily leave you or your loved ones with a feeling of discomfort, which is something most people would rather avoid.

What to include in a construction contract to avoid a dispute

Let's face it, not everyone finds their dream home already built and ready for purchase when it comes time to buy a home. For a lot of people, they want their home to have all of the amenities and features they want, which means they may have to either overhaul an existing property or start from scratch with a new construction.

Florida hospital system ordered to pay $5.4M for infraction

Hospitals in Florida, as you may know, are held to high standards when it comes to providing patients with quality service. Like any business, when a hospital fails to follow the rules and regulations that are designed to provide quality service, they can face lawsuits and litigation. And because of the complexity of the laws involved, these are also situations in which legal counsel is highly advised.

Medicaid planning is just as important as estate planning

As regular visitors of our blog know, we frequently like to touch on the topic of estate planning and everything that goes on with this important part of any person's life. One part of estate planning that we have touched on a few times is Medicaid planning, which helps individuals consider the financial plans they need to make in order to properly address medical care later on.

Is the Veterans Choice Act helping or hindering veterans?

Did you know that if you serve in just about any branch of the U.S. armed services, you may be eligible for veteran's benefits later on? This is a perk offered by the U.S. government that makes sure that service members have access to affordable health care no matter what. Veterans can get low-cost and even sometimes free treatments at VA centers all over the country as long as they are eligible and enroll for benefits.

Intestacy laws: the reason why you should have a will

As we have said before on this blog, life is oftentimes unpredictable. Despite our best laid plans, Murphy's Law can always rear its ugly head at any time and cause anything bad that could happen to happen. As you can imagine, this unpredictability can cause considerable problems though for your estate, especially if you do not have a will.

Addendum in lease agreement raises question about tenants' rights

Imagine that you have just invited a group of your friends over to your apartment to celebrate a special occasion. During the course of the night, you take several pictures of your friends in your apartment then later upload them to your social media page.

Senate committee in Florida to consider health exchange program

A proposal currently before the Florida Senate committee could change the way low-income residents in our state get access to health care coverage by creating a health care exchange program called the Florida Health Insurance Affordability Exchange Program. The proposal is one solution that has been presented in response to President Obama's promise to provide federal funding to Florida "if the state agreed to expand Medicaid eligibility to cover more low-income people," explains an article in the Jacksonville Business Journal.

4 common mistakes that can leave beneficiaries with problems

Most people want to leave their belongings and assets to their loved ones after they pass away. Typically, this is done by drafting a will and naming beneficiaries, such as your spouse or children. But did you know that even the most well-formed of people have been known to make mistakes when naming beneficiaries that have created legal problems for their loved ones?

Charities and how they can fit into an estate plan

Whether you want to become a well-known philanthropist or simply want to make small donations without any pomp and circumstance, chances are your kindness will go to a charity of your choice in the form of cash or property. In a lot of cases, people do this out of the kindness of their own heart, not really expecting anything in return.

Are you saving enough to cover your long-term care insurance?

Back in early January, we discussed the important topic of long-term care insurance with residents across the state of Florida. As some of our more frequent Melbourne readers may remember, our January 7 post raised an important question: is long-term insurance really worth the added cost?

Why Hispanic entrepreneurs in Florida are changing their focus

For a lot of first generation entrepreneurs who come over from other countries, their desire is to start and operate a business that exemplifies their cultural heritage. Many times, this means opening up a restaurant that features ethnic dishes that are indicative of their home country.

Repurposing old commercial real estate into something new

If there is any one thing that people remember most about the Great Recession a few years ago, it was that it had an immense impact on the real estate market. From residential homes to commercial properties, underutilized or vacant buildings and homes could be found across Brevard County and beyond. But even though the economy and the real estate market have since rebounded, Florida still has a small problem with these unused properties.

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