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September 2015 Archives

More volunteers mean more VA help

VA-Volunteer-Frese Hansen.jpgA recent news release from the Office of Public and International Affairs announced that through a new program called a summer of service effort, the signup for volunteers has now tripled in VA facilities nationwide. The summer of service initiative, which began in May, is being seen as more than just a success: it exceeded the goal for volunteers needed, which may alleviate the pressure felt by some VA employees who feel short staffed.

Riviera Beach looking to boost tourism and jobs

The working class city of Riviera Beach, just north of West Palm Beach is looking to boost its tourist base and create more jobs. For other cities looking to do the same thing, such high hopes take time, but for Riviera Beach all it takes is $410 million and a marina overhaul.

The awkward estate planning conversation

When it comes to the comfort level of family openness, every family is different. While some topics may be complete taboo or off limits to your family, other families may discuss them on a daily basis. Although this could be said for almost all conversations, none carry quite the same awkwardness as discussing your will. Just reading this, you're probably imagining the look on your children's faces when you tell them to sit down and spend the next hour discussing your death. However, as awkward as it may be, sometimes it just needs to be done, and if you're one of those people that likes to stay a step ahead, consider taking the awkwardness out of it.

What is the function of residential zoning?

Real-estate-zoning-frese-hansen.jpgIf you are just getting into real estate, you may have heard the term zoning or zoning regulations. If you are not familiar with what this means, you may benefit from a crash course as zoning regulations are bound to play a large part in any development endeavor you take on.

How do I transfer my assets to my minor children?

Medicaid-planning-estate-planning-frese-hansen.jpgHopefully, you are thinking about making end of life arrangements way before the need arises. If so, congratulations! You are a forward thinker and prepared planner. Looking at all you can do to make the transition easier for your loved ones, you may be wondering about asset transfer. Ensuring a transfer of assets to your minor children is a great way of protecting your estate and avoiding unnecessary tax liabilities. Before you make any changes, it is important to know the basics.

Why you need an attorney

Of course, the death of your loved one comes as a shock to you and your family. You are not only trying to deal with your loss, but you are now made to deal with the probate court and your loved one's estate. Fortunately, there are attorneys out there to help. Finding a trusted and experienced estate law lawyer may make all the difference.

How do I avoid nursing home spend down?

Medicaid-planning-elder-estate-planning-frese-hansen.jpgFor some individuals, long-term care can only be afforded while receiving Medicaid benefits. Unfortunately for many Americans their estate and assets are counted against them when applying for Medicaid. This leaves individuals at the mercy of the nursing homes and their assets subject to spend down. While depleting your assets is one way of becoming eligible for Medicaid, there are other ways you can receive the care you need and hold onto your estate.

No heirs doesn't mean no plan

100_0475.JPGA common mistake among seniors is not creating an estate plan. Even if there are no heirs for your estate, not having a plan for your hard earned money and assets is a bad idea. For many who have either never married or outlived their loved ones, a plan for their money once they are gone may seem kind of silly. However, without speaking to an estate planning attorney, you may not know your options. Besides, leaving assets behind without a purpose for them is just poor planning.

Application wait leads to death of veterans

veterans-affairs-helath-benefits-frese-hansen.jpgAs free Americans, we know the liberties and rights we value every day have come at a cost to the men and women who have served this county. With that in mind, it is usually our hope that our returning veterans receive the care and compassion they deserve when they finally come home. Typically, that care is provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, a new report shows that for an alarming number of veterans, waiting for that care, may have taken a lifetime.

Your business is important

Any time a person sets out to start a business, it is scary. There is so much to do and so much to consider that many times, important steps in the formation process get missed. For this reason, having a trusted business attorney can make the difference between owning a company and owning a successful company.

BBB's tips on charitable donations

For many consumers, the Better Business Bureau is the go-to for business and consumer information. Not only do they allow you to do your own investigation into businesses, you can file complaints and ask for help with a concern. As charitable donation season rolls around once again, many people may be asking what charities are legit and which ones to stay away from. Well according to the BBB, there are some easy steps donors can take to make sure their giving ends up in the right hands.

Passing things other than assets on

Maybe coming up with your estate plan will be easy. Perhaps you only have a few special things you know for sure you want to pass on to children, relatives or friends. But, many times, deciding who gets what, is a major headache. When creating an estate plan, designing your will and listing your bequests, the possibilities are endless. If you know what can get passed on and how to do it, the estate planning headache may be avoided.

Potentially fraudulent will cuts children out

When it comes to large estates and substantial assets, it seems that everyone wants a cut of the action. Many times families get split apart arguing over inheritances and what they feel they deserve. For two Manhattan siblings, the will that cut them out of their late father's estate is now being called fraudulent.

What is a health care surrogate?

The reason so many people don't like to discuss end of life plans is because it requires them to consider the what ifs in life. Most of the time, these what ifs are not very pleasant. What if you become incapacitated? What if you're in an accident? And, what if you require long-term care? None of these questions strike up happy conversation, yet they are questions that need to be addressed.

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