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April 2016 Archives

What are the costs of elder care?

You anticipate aging, growing older, losing friends and loved ones before your own time comes, but what about your care? Who will take care of you and will you have set aside enough money to adequately support yourself when you no longer have a means of generating new income should unexpected costs arise? Do you have a contingency plan? Will you have enough in reserves? What should you expect? 

Benefits for those who have served our country

A United States veteran is someone who has served our country in some branch of active military, including the Reserve and National Guard.  Many think of veterans as only those who have served in combat, but the term really encompasses a wider group who were willing to sacrifice. Of course, it goes without saying that veterans are also those who were relieved of duty in any way other than dishonorably.

Why is the UDDA significant from a legal standpoint?

When it comes to health care law, few things are as confusing and difficult as the pronunciation of the death of a loved one who may be kept alive on a respirator or other life-prolonging machine. The Uniform Declaration of Death Act was penned in an effort to set a guideline for states to follow as they determine their own health care regulations for when a person should be considered legally dead. There are inconsistencies between when the brain function stops and the cessation of the heart and respiratory functions. 

Answers to your guardianship questions

If you have recently determined that a loved one is incapacitated and no longer able to make sound decisions for his or her well-being, then you may also be engaged in talks with family regarding your loved one's future. Or you may have taken the burden of single-handedly attempting to make the right decisions.

Decedents, beneficiaries and the administration

Details around death are often neglected because they are unpleasant or are not considered relevant yet. Unfortunately, death does not always give advance notice of its arrival. It's for this reason that many proactive people plan the details around their estate and the legacy they leave behind. However, many believe they have a will in place and never find out how much they have left open to dispute and how a loving gift could become an embroiled and costly court battle.

How to incorporate a business

If you have made the decision to go out on your own and start a business, you are taking a gamble on achieving great personal success. Many people dream of being their own bosses and employing personnel instead of being an employee, but not many successfully make the transition a reality. Doing so successfully takes important planning and precise steps during the early days of business formation and planning.

How to start a DBA Florida business

If you reside in Florida and want to start a business, you may have numerous questions regarding how to begin your endeavor. You may already have a name for your business. It may be a DBA or Doing Business As, which is a fictional name used when creating a partnership or sole proprietorship. This is often reserved for businesses intending to start small and work up to larger growth.

How to shield your assets through Medicaid planning

Growing old comes with challenges that are hard to grasp when you are healthy and young. However, the best time to properly prepare for those challenges is when you actually are still healthy and young. Nursing homes, assisted living, in-home care and other elder care options are costly and if you haven't planned appropriately, can deplete your assets and leave you with little to nothing to bequeath to your loved ones when your time comes.

How the Notice of Administration is handled in Florida

After you have died and your estate has been opened, assuming it is ineligible for summary administration, a petition will be filed with the court and a personal representative will be assigned. At this time, something called a Notice of Administration must be published. This notice serves to alert creditors of the estates opening and the three-month window with which they have to file a claim against the estate.

Four things to consider when selling your home

As a seller in a market determined to be largely in your favor, there are still things to consider to maximize your savvy in successfully selling your house. Four important tactics to consider employing could substantially help you land a sale quickly and profitably in today's Florida residential real estate market.

Five tips for buyers in Florida's residential real estate market

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer new to the game or a seasoned buyer looking to purchase a new home to better fit your current needs, there are many changing factors in real estate and 2016 proves to be no exception. Here are some things you may want to keep in mind as you proceed in your real estate hunt.

What if my doctor refuses to follow my advanced directive?

When it comes to end of life decisions, you may have very clear ideas of how you prefer things to go. Of course, in most circumstances, the end of one's life may be the event that is the most challenging to plan around. Still, you can make provisions set around certain possibilities and dictate a healthcare surrogate if you are unable to cognitively represent yourself or your wishes at the time. 

What if I buy a house that is hiding major problems?

In some aspects, buying real estate is like trading stocks. Whether you're buying property for investment purposes or not, the purchase could be a gamble and it does require considerable expense. However, if all factors line up just right, the return on investment could be substantial. But what happens if your home purchase appears to be a good deal, but turns out to be anything but?

What happens if I die without a will?

When people pass away and have not put a will into place, something still must be done with their belongings and assets. Intestate succession is the term used for the disbursement of assets as performed by the state. It is done in a way that is dictated under the closest assumption of how the average person might distribute their remaining belongings.

What does the role of a guardian entail?

Being a guardian is a serious responsibility and is reserved for those who recognize the role as such. Most guardianships are granted to people who demonstrate prudence and responsibility. Some guardianships require the potential guardian to attend a training program approved by the court. He or she must have an attorney represent him/her and is usually required to hold a bond.

Why would I need a living will?

We all hope that when our time comes it will not include a lot of suffering. Naturally, we would like to extend that same courtesy to our loved ones, who may endure significant emotional and financial suffering should we need to be put on life support. This is one area where a living will can allow us to dictate our wishes, taking the heavy decisions out of the hands of our beloved friends and family and allowing us the dignity of a decisive death. 

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