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Legal aid can help with contract disputes

When a person or party wants to be absolutely certain of something, you may hear them express a desire to "get it in writing." What this means is that the person wants a written contract detailing the exact specifications of something, be it employment, the sale of property, exchange of goods and services or even just a simple legal agreement. Once something is put into writing and both parties sign the document asserting that they have read and agree, it becomes legally binding, which gives each party recourse if the contract is breached.

Nearly everyone will have some kind of experience with contracts in his or her life, but contracts are especially prevalent when it comes to owning and operating a business. Business owners have contracts with companies distributing their products or constructing new buildings; they have contracts with their employees not to compete with them or share trade secrets.

The good news about contracts is that they often make it very clear who is at fault and where legal liability lies, but unfortunately they are not immune to dispute. One party can often dispute a contract, especially if the wording in the contract is vague or ambiguous.

A business owner who signs a contract stating that a construction company must complete a project within five weeks from the date of signing will have strong grounds to sue if the company takes six weeks to complete the project. If the contract simply specified that the project would have to be completed in a reasonable timeframe, the owner's grounds would be much shakier.

Adequately interpreting contracts can be very difficult, especially when both parties have a vested interest in the outcome. For that reason and others, it is a good idea to enlist the aid of an attorney when settling matters of a contract dispute. An attorney can not only provide legal expertise and a critical eye, but also a more objective perspective. Visit our web page if you are going through a contract dispute in Florida, or if you have questions about a particular Florida contract.

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