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July 2016 Archives

Things you should know about Land use and Zoning laws

Municipal corporations divide their lands into several zones. Land use and Zoning laws regulate the use of land for developmental purposes. Creating zones makes it easier to divide areas and develop them accordingly. Residential, Commercial and Industrial zones are prime examples of the zoning law. These zones are developed according to the requirements of its inhabitants. Each zone must be optimized by the local regulatory authority, to make sure everything is in order.

Inheritance laws in the U.S.

Inheritance is the passing on of property to the heir of a recently deceased person. A descendant's right to inherit property depends on the inheritance laws of the state. Spouses, children and grandchildren of a deceased person have the right to claim an inheritance. The state awards inheritance according to the inheritance laws.

What are homeowners associations?

Homeowners Associations are an important part of Residential Real Estate laws. It is a governing body that looks after the common interests of the residents living in a particular area. The association has the right to set rules and regulations for people living in a residential area. Homeowners associations require regular funding from the residents. These funds may be used for the betterment of the community, for example, developmental projects or security.

Filing for commercial eviction

The U.S. government gives certain rights to tenants that protect them from unlawful eviction. Commercial tenants do not receive the protection that residential tenants do, but there is still a procedure that must be followed to evict them. Landlords must abide by the terms of eviction mentioned in the leasing agreement. In case the tenant breaches the agreement, the landlord has the right to send an eviction notice. If the tenant does not breach the lease agreement, the landlord might find it difficult to get an eviction.

When charitable organizations face litigation

Charitable organizations have philanthropic objectives, and look out for the social well-being of the society. As such, they are treated differently in each state, depending on the state laws. In some cases, such organizations get exemptions from taxes and tariffs. Larger nonprofits operate in several states and might have to face litigation and retaliation for a variety of reasons. Most nonprofits prefer to stay away from legal disputes, but where money is involved, litigation is an ever-present danger.

Legal aid with Florida estate administration

The phrase "Probate Administration" may give some people pause because probate administration and litigation are often touted as complex and difficult processes. The claim that probate administration is complex can be true in some instances. After all, ensuring the proper distribution of a deceased individual's estate should not be done carelessly, but it does not have to be difficult in any situation. Florida law is very clear on the probate process, and with proper understanding and legal assistance, you can handle probate litigation quickly and efficiently.

Florida man allegedly abusing guardian status

Guardianship is not something that should be taken lightly. When you agree to serve as a guardian, you are in many ways taking responsibility for a life. Guardians are appointed when an individual is deemed incapable or unfit to make important decisions on his or her own behalf. And when you are essentially in charge of making financial and healthcare-related decisions for a person, you have a direct impact on that person's quality of life.

Business litigation in Florida: we can help

By all accounts, the American economy is recovering from the recent recession, and a recovering economy is naturally going to bring an increase in businesses and entrepreneurs. As people become more confident in their spending and investments, there will likely be a greater number of people attempting to start their own businesses, and with some of the most attractive real estate options, Florida is a state that many business-savvy hopefuls will look toward.

Golfing and residential real estate in Florida

There are many good reasons to live in Florida: world-class entertainment and theme parks, plenty of beautiful beaches and many large cities with excellent economic opportunities. But for many non-native Floridians, the greatest appeal is our state's fantastic retirement communities, complete with a vast array of golf courses, ranging greatly in size and scope, difficulty and distance. A significant portion of retirees seek communities that allow them to live on or within walking distance of a golf course. As wonderful as living on a golf course sounds, it's important to know that it comes with its own struggles.

Understand Florida's healthcare laws

Healthcare is one of the most controversial issues in our society today, and among the biggest talking points in the political sphere. This is not only because many members of the Baby Boomer generation are reaching the age of retirement, leading to a larger number of older individuals seeking healthcare, but also because of recent changes to healthcare related to the Affordable Care Act, known more commonly as Obamacare.

An example of what a will might look like

For most people, the idea of a will is understood long before actually considering a will is necessary. If nothing else, most people have likely had experience with the wills of loved ones in which they were beneficiaries. However, just because you understand what a will is meant to do does not mean that you know what a will looks like, and when it comes time to consider your own will, you may be curious to know what you can expect.

What information should I consider when planning my estate?

Estate planning is one of the most comprehensive legal actions that an individual can take. Because it oversees the legal ramifications of your entire estate, including all of your assets, it requires a great deal of information to be considered and compiled by you, your spouse and possibly your children. Additionally, because this wealth of information must be properly managed in order to ensure that your estate plan is legal, it is essential to enlist the aid of an attorney and to share this information with your attorney.

Take all factors into consideration when planning inheritance

Florida is an extremely popular state for retirees and older individuals, so it should come as no surprise that many wills and estate plans are crafted in our state. As people age and approach the end of their lives, they want to make sure that their assets are cared for, and many want to use their final thoughts and wishes in order to help their loved ones.

Florida real estate could surge following Brexit vote

Without question, the most significant current event across the globe was the recent vote held in the United Kingdom in which the country chose to pull out of the European Union. A monumental decision that has been dubbed "Brexit," the vote has had far-reaching consequences not only for the country but for the global economy. As an American living in Florida, you may wonder how Brexit could possibly affect you, but experts are already predicting a significant change in the real estate market in Florida.

Be prepared for business litigation issues

If you have ever owned or operated a business, then you know just how much effort, preparation, planning and logistics go into it. But not everyone knows just how complex establishing a business is; simply having a brilliant idea is not enough. Even if you have established a strong product or service, you have barely won half the battle. Building a brand, raising awareness and creating partnerships are just some of the issues that may face you in the future if you hope to create a successful business.

How can I avoid the probate process?

Though not everyone is familiar with the term probate, those who are aware of it know that it can be a very difficult and expensive process. Even if a person feels as though he or she has outlined the ways in which assets are to be distributed, there is always the chance that something may go wrong or that the process may be delayed. Without the original owner being present to resolve any disputes or questions, the process can take months or even years to resolve.

How to choose the right nursing home

The simple truth is that as you get older, you will begin to require more and more medical care. Even if you have eaten healthy and exercised regularly for your entire life, you will eventually reach a point where you will be unable to care for yourself. Some people are fortunate enough that their family and loved ones can help them with their daily lives, but for those who do not have that luxury, nursing homes provide an excellent environment for elder care.

Attorneys can help with real estate disputes

Real estate is one of the most important assets and investments that a person can make. In fact, the economic health of the entire country is often closely related to the strength of the real estate market. It should come as no surprise, then, that the transfer of real estate can be one of the most heavily contested and controversial issues for most Americans. Whether buying, selling or leasing, you should always take steps to ensure that you are not swindled.

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