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June 2017 Archives

Unpainted mailbox leads to property lien, possible foreclosure

When you purchase a home, you will find out if you are bound by the bylaws of a homeowner's association (HOA). The HOA is something that can make life more enjoyable or more difficult, depending on what side of the matter you are on.

Steps to find a reputable contractor to make repairs to your home

After a bad storm hits, it's not all that uncommon that different contractors will rush into the area to try to take advantage of the uptick in work. While many, who may be canvassing the area, are licensed and insured, most likely just as many are not.

Putting up a fence can be a complicated procedure

There is little more annoying than a neighbor who does not mind his or her own business and who constantly pushes the boundaries of his or her land. If you are tired of dealing with your neighbor's behaviors, you may think that a fence is a good solution. It may be, as long as you follow the laws and know your property's boundaries well.

What you need to know about sinkholes before making a claim

Florida tops the list of states with the most sinkholes, and as a resident of the Sunshine State, you may know that your ability to purchase sinkhole insurance is guaranteed. You may feel perfectly safe in your home, but the fact is that sinkholes are unpredictable.

Tampa family keeps home after battle with homeowner's association

A Tampa Bay judge has decided that a Riverview family will not be losing their home to foreclosure after making a late $150 homeowner's association (HOA) payment. Although the family's yearlong battle with Rivercrest Community Association started over a small amount, with attorneys' fees and interest that have been added to the amount, the family's debt had grown to north of $7,000.

How to evaluate whether a breach of contract has occurred

Contract disputes most often arise when a party claims that another has failed to uphold the promises they originally agreed to when the document was signed. Any inaction that can be seen as not being aligned with what one would reasonably expect in a given industry may be deemed to be a breach. Many breaches of contract arise out of either an individual, their services or a product not living up to its implied or expressed warranty.

Trusts and mental capacity in Florida

Creating a trust is an important part of estate planning. A trust ensures that your property and other assets are properly left to the beneficiaries you name when you pass. In order to create a trust, you must be of sound mind. Here is a brief overview of trusts and mental capacity in Florida.

Senior community residents sue developer

When real estate deals are made in Melbourne, Florida, buyers and sellers alike hope that everyone involved will honorably live up to the terms of their deal. They also hope that their deal was based on accurate information in the first place. If it was not, there is a basis for real estate litigation.

Commercial real estate buyers should proceed with care

The real estate market in Melbourne, Florida, is very multifaceted, and commercial real estate closings in the area are best preceded by substantial preparation. That preparation should begin with addressing some key decisions.

What are foreclosure scams?

If you need to sell your home to get out of debt or avoid foreclosure, you should make sure to avoid foreclosure scams. These scams are most obvious because they offer to help you get out of your home easily without any kind of repercussions. They sound far too good to be true, and they typically are too good to be true.

Noncompete agreements amidst acquisitions and mergers

Nowadays, it's fairly common that employers have both their new hires and more seasoned staff sign noncompete clauses. For many companies, they see having their employees do this as a way to protect their investment of time and resources in their staff. They also see this as strategic approach. It gives companies some comfort in knowing that their handpicked staff can't run off and join their many competitors.

Tips for first time homebuyers

If you've made the decision to become a home buyer in Florida, then your head is likely spinning. You probably have quite a few questions you need answered and the stress levels are likely increasing greatly. Here are some important tips for buying a home for the first time in Melbourne.

What is the role of a title company in a real estate purchase?

Here's a nightmare nobody wants to consider: You buy a house and find out sometime after the money has been transferred to the seller and the seller is long gone to some unknown location that he or she owed some big debts that he or she never paid.

How to help your elderly parent avoid being financially scammed

Recent crime reports show that, on an annual basis, criminals are responsible for stealing as much as $30 billion from the elderly. Florida, one of the states with the highest percentage of elderly patients, is prime territory for financial-oriented theft aimed at this population.

Common types of breach of contract in business construction

Business contracts are meant to make all expectations clear and binding to prevent unfulfilled obligations and disputes. However, sometimes parties do not uphold their ends of the contract. This is unfortunately common in the construction industry.

Explaining Florida real estate disclosures

Disclosure is a very important term in the world of real estate in the state of Florida. It doesn't just mean disclosing the state of your home or property in an effort to sell it. Disclosure also involves uncovering other potential issues that could affect your ability to sell the property. Today, we will discuss real estate disclosure in Florida.

Biscayne Beach lawsuit filed over construction-related damage

Property owners have many rights. Chief among those is the right to not have their property damaged by others. If it is, they can make a legal claim for compensation. That is at the core of a construction dispute about debris-related damage in Biscayne Beach, Florida.

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