Throughout Melbourne, Florida, people arrange to have pools built on their property. After all, Florida is famous for its warm weather, and it can be very pleasant to cool off from that weather with a refreshing swim in one’s own backyard. Of course, that requires securing a builder who knows what they’re doing, does a good job and fulfills the terms of the contract that you have with them. If they fail to, you can file suit for breach of contract.

Some Florida families recently experienced expensive disappointment after arranging to have pools built by a local pool company. Those families are complaining that they did not get the pools that they paid for, with one having paid $32,000 and another having paid over $43,000. The familes filed their complaints with the Polk County Licensing Board.

Both families say that the pool company owner was eager to take their hard-earned cash, but not eager to actually complete the work. One of the families says that they were promised a resort-quality pool, and instead were left with something that wasn’t even fit to use. They say that key aspects of their pool were not completed, and that the pool company owner made excuse after excuse for delays that left the work incomplete after the date it was supposed to be finished on.

One of the families paid $20,000 to a different pool company to complete their pool and do it right. They had wanted the pool for a relative who is dying, and wanted to make sure that she could enjoy it, regardless of any extra expense they incurred. The other family says that the pool installed on their property, though supposed to be brand new, is already leaking. Both families point to these problems as evidence that the owner of the original pool company is in breach of contract, leaving them in the lurch with tens of thousands of dollars spent but with only shoddy, substandard, incomplete pools.

Source: WTSP, “Clients say they were left high and dry by local pool contractor,” Jennifer Titus, Aug. 21, 2017