Some neighborhoods have a homeowners’ association (HOA) that governs what is allowed in the neighborhood. You might find that it is difficult to have to stand up against these associations when they are breathing down your neck.

You have probably seen stories online and on the news about individuals who are being threatened with losing their home over the placement of an American flag or because they choose to park their vehicle in the driveway. The issue in these cases usually comes down to the bylaws of the homeowners’ association.

When you are considering purchasing a home in an area with a HOA, make sure that you know what is expected of you. Learn about the conditions and terms of the HOA before you move in. A home that has a very strict HOA might not be a viable place for you to live.

If you do move into an area with a HOA and have issues, you might need to stand up to the association. We can help you determine what grounds you have for the battle. We can help you find out ways that you can protect your home if the HOA is threatening to take it.

Remember that you have rights in these cases. You need to learn these rights and find out the ways that you can exercise them as you stand up for them. This can help you as you fight for your home and your freedom to do what you want, within the confines of the law, while you are on your own property.