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January 2018 Archives

Florida commercial real estate closings

Real estate closings can be complex and often confusing. That is why it is best to have a real estate attorney assist with the closing process, especially if you are buying or selling commercial property. Real estate attorneys deal with these types of transactions on a daily basis.

Regular will updates prevent against it be contested

When many individuals think about wills, what first comes to many of their minds is the idea of passing on their property to another person when they die. Few consider that living wills help establish guidelines for how medical decisions should be made in the event an individual becomes incapacitated and unable to do so oneself.

Condominium residents lives made harder by damage payment dispute

The bustling community of Melbourne, Florida, has a plethora of real estate developments. Those include commercial properties and residences that range from mansions to condominiums. When things goes wrong with them, the things that go wrong always come with a price, and someone has to pay. That results in real estate litigation.

Address real estate transaction issues as they appear

Having issues with real estate transactions are difficult to handle. There are many different problems that can come up with these transactions, so there isn't really any way that you can prepare for all of them. It is imperative that you think carefully about each problem individually as it comes up. You can't try to use the same tactics for all real estate issues because these aren't one-size-fits-all matters.

3 signs a residential property is a wise investment

If you are a commercial real estate investor, you likely know the basic principles of what to look for in a prospective property. You want an investment that is in good condition, priced reasonably and can be ready to rent quickly. These factors are not the only ones you should be taking into consideration, though.

How to avoid a construction scam

When natural disasters occur, as unfortunate as it is, some entrepreneurs have one thing on their mind: how to make money off of them -- and Florida has its share of disasters. Hurricanes or stormy weather is common at certain times of the year when you live in a coastal-peninsula state.

New Florida ruling affects construction litigation

Construction is an enormous industry in Florida, and large and complex projects require hundreds of people and several companies to complete. Defects in skyscrapers and other large buildings are rare, but any one problem can cause a variety of hazards that demand repairs and expensive delays.

Think carefully about filing a probate challenge

Many people let others know the contents of their estate plan before they die. This gives you an idea of what you should expect. While this is usually how things happen, there is a chance that something in the estate plan is going to be different from what you expected it to be. These instances might ultimately result in a challenge or contest being filed with the probate court.

Real estate buyers should inspect prospective properties

Melbourne, Florida, is one of the busiest real estate markets in the country. Millions of dollars of transactions are done every year, with real estate closings being a major source of revenue. Of course, it is important for prospective buyers, and their brokers, to do due diligence. By doing their homework about the property they plan to buy, they can make sure that they will be getting what they will be paying for.

Advantages of charitable trusts

Charitable trusts are a great way to contribute to a charity you are passionate about. With a charitable trust, you have the flexibility to control how you want your contributions donated. You can also give to more than one charity or beneficiary.

Who pays what in a commercial property transaction in Florida?

Buying a commercial property to start, maintain or expand a business in Florida is a process that resembles buying a private home or other residence in many ways. There are several important differences, however, of which any buyer should be aware before closing on the building or site.

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