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May 2018 Archives

3 ways to get out of your noncompete agreement

When you leave a job, you may experience frustration because of a noncompete agreement. Your previous employer may claim you will not be able to get the same position in another company or open up a similar practice. When your former employer sends you a cease-and-desist document in the mail, you may not know what you can do.

What should you look for before signing a construction contract?

When it comes to the drafting of construction contracts, there are some non-negotiables that they're expected to cover. They should clearly spell out the cost for the work as well as the terms and conditions surrounding how that amount should be paid. A particularly well-written contract should include other details, such as what happens if one of both parties don't uphold the stated deadlines or don't adhere to its terms.

Condo ownership in Florida may come with surprises

Property ownership is a large part of the American Dream, and Florida is a great place to realize it. The real estate market in the Sunshine State has been doing well for years, and laws that protect homeowners are among the best in the country.

Can you fight a Florida non-compete agreement?

Can your current employer really restrict your future employment opportunities? Generally, Florida law gives employers substantial leeway in imposing non-compete agreements on employees. If you are about to start a new job and your employer wants you to sign a non-compete, you should generally avoid signing if you do not want to accept its conditions.

My new home has a leaky roof: What can I do?

There's nothing more disconcerting than settling down into a new home, only to find out that it has a leaky roof. These repairs are not only expensive, but it will require your time and attention to contact the seller and hold him or her accountable for the leaky roof that he or she failed to tell you about.

Contracts play an important role in construction projects

Contracts play an important role in construction projects because they outline the project and set clear expectations about every aspect of the job from payment terms to completion guidelines. These provide a legal basis for action if there is ever anything that goes amiss during the project.

What is the commercial property closing process like in Florida?

Much like a residential purchase and closing process, commercial ones start with an escrow deposit being made. Because commercial buildings are often more expensive than residential ones, escrow often doesn't come from a single source. Savvy commercial buyers often have their attorneys draft complex documents that spell out the conditions that both parties must meet in order to move forward with the sale.

Florida corporate division involved in contract dispute

Contracts help us do business. Just like the rule of law, mutual agreements on services and sales build trust and help everyone participate fairly in the systems of business and real estate. Contracts also help us set things right when there has been a disagreement or failure to deliver one end of the agreement.

Trust litigation is a complex task that must be taken seriously

A person who is creating an estate plan might put some of their assets in trusts. These are meant to easily distribute the assets when the person passes away. Normally, this can happen without any issue but there are times when the trusts might come under fire.

What can go wrong during the construction of a home?

Virtually anything you can imagine can potentially go wrong during the construction of a home. A responsible building contractor, however, will take action to prevent these things from happening, but if they do happen in spite of the contractor's best efforts, then the contractor should correct the problems before turning the property over to the owner.

When are wills invalidated for a lack of testamentary capacity?

When you draft a will, as part of the process, you'll be asked to write instructions for how you wish for your property to be divided up after you've died. It's then the role of the executor of your estate to distribute your assets in accordance with your wishes.

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