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December 2018 Archives

Florida official vows reform regarding how contractors are paid

Florida's chief financial officer (CFO) said he intends to work with the legislature to close a loophole regarding the payment of insurance money directly to contractors instead of homeowners. Jimmy Patronis said some unscrupulous contractors are taking advantage of homeowners who receive insurance settlements for property damage. He says they're allowing payments to be paid directly to the contractor.

How to resolve a construction dispute

Embarking on a construction project in the state of Florida is always going to include some risk, even if you have spent time carefully drafting the contract and the terms. If a dispute has arisen in a construction project that you are a part of, it is important that you address the problem immediately.

Know how to handle home owners association disagreements

When you purchase a property here in Melbourne, one of the questions you need to ask is whether there is a home owners' association (HOA) for the area. If there is, you might want to dig into it before you sign the contract on the home. While there are some HOAs that aren't intrusive, there are some that nitpick the homeowners.

An Orlando homeowners association sues a construction company

The Orlando-area VillageWalk at Lake Nona Homeowners Association filed a lawsuit against a construction company, JR Davis Construction, and a professional services firm, KPMG LLP, on Dec. 12. The homeowners association alleges that the construction on the KPMG Learning and Innovation Center damaged many properties in their private, gated community.

Things to consider when buying your first home in Florida

Buying your first home is a big step in responsibility and investment. It can mean that you are able to accumulate a great deal of worth quickly when the property market is booming. But it also means that you will face monthly mortgage repayments that can be imposing on your financial life.

What's a 'garden leave' clause (and does your business need one)?

As a business owner, you know who the key players on your team are -- and you understand the potential risk that your business faces if a team member decides to leave and set up shop elsewhere. Everything from your client list to your plans for a new product could be at risk. You probably have noncompete agreements in place with at least some of your employees.

What should I look for when closing on commercial real estate?

Both residential and commercial real estate closings used to involve both the seller and buyer sitting at a table to finalize a purchase, but a lot has changed over the years. Most closings are now handled electronically at a distance. While this may be convenient for some, it makes it even more important for sellers and buyers to practice some due diligence of their own to ensure their closing goes as smoothly as expected.

Negotiating a better noncompete agreement

It's estimated that 20 percent of American employees -- from all different kinds of industries -- are subject to noncompete clauses. In theory, noncompete agreements are designed to protect high-level secrets, client lists and intellectual property from being misused by ex-employees who want to go into business for themselves.

Radon dispute pits Florida condo owners, homeowners association

Condominium owners in Venice, Florida, are at a loss over what to do now that their tenants have discovered radon in the unit and the homeowners association has thrown a wrench into the situation.

Fighting for the trust assets that are due to you

A person who is creating an estate plan will sometimes include trusts in that plan. This is a fairly straightforward process that makes it easier for the estate to transfer the assets to the beneficiary when the creator passes away. While this usually occurs without any issues, there are times when the person or entity who should receive the trust's assets will have to fight for them. We know that this isn't what you planned to do when the creator passed away, but we are here to help you through the process.

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