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December 2019 Archives

A Port Charlotte contractor sues the county for a contract breach

A Port Charlotte construction company, A2 Group Incorporated (Inc.) filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Charlotte County on Dec. 9. The contractor, who was responsible for building a shooting range for local law enforcement to use, alleges that they never received their final $650,0000 payment from the county for their labors. Charlotte County administrators recently announced their plans to countersue.

What are reasons living trusts may be contested?

Individuals who place their assets or property into living trusts do so in hopes of being able to more easily transfer their assets over to their loved ones when they pass away. While many trustors hope that setting aside their property in a trust will make things easier on their family, any loved ones that have to deal with someone who contests its existence may think otherwise.

Florida International University bridge victims settle for $103 m

Munilla Construction Management (MCM), the general contractor that was responsible for the construction of the pedestrian bridge near Florida International University's (FIU) Sweetwater campus, has settled with six of the families who lost loved ones when it collapsed trapping them beneath on March 15, 2018. The estates of the deceased will ultimately split up $102.7 million among themselves. The families of the remaining victims weren't party to this lawsuit.

More verifications may be needed in a commercial purchase

Let's buy a place for your business! It can't be that hard, right? Maybe you've bought a house and thought it wasn't that hard. But let's take a minute to think. Although the process may not be that difficult, it is different from a home purchase and any misstep can cost you big in taxes, fees and extra work later.

Understand the term of a contract before you sign it

One of the most important things that you can do when you are in a business relationship with another entity is to have a contract that governs the situation. This ensures that you are protected if anything happens and the terms of the contract aren't met. We know that you probably hope that you won't ever have to deal with this situation, but it is good to know that the protections are there if you do need them.

What does Florida law say about fence or other property disputes?

Having people who live nearby can be a blessing for some Melbourne residents, but a curse for others. One of the downsides to living near neighbors is that it often results in fence, tree trimming and other property line disputes. Fortunately, there are laws on the books in Florida that describe a property owner's responsibilities as it relates to these different matters.

Will the Florida courts uphold your noncompete agreement?

Employment contracts are part of most professional arrangements, and these documents can contain a wide range of forms and agreements. Noncompete agreements are a common inclusion in employment contracts in the State of Florida. These agreements restrict the future business and employment choices for a worker who has access to trade secrets and important business records.

Making sense of Florida's statutory condo construction warranty

Florida Statutes Title XL Real and Personal Property § 718.203 outlines how a developer extends an implied warranty of fitness and merchantability when they turn over a unit to a condominium owner. It only covers the purchaser for specified uses or purposes though.

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