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Breach Of Contract Archives

Breach of contract insurance can benefit both parties

Contract law is an area that is misunderstood by many people. One thing that is often misunderstood is how the wording in a contract can impact the outcome of a case when the agreement is breached. It is imperative that anyone who is entering into a contract understands the depth of how this can affect the way the matter is handled.

When can a business owner break a commercial lease?

If you're leasing a space in a commercial property, like an office building or shopping center, both you and your landlord are typically required to adhere to the terms of the lease. So, are there any circumstances in which you can leave the space before your lease is up?

Understand the term of a contract before you sign it

One of the most important things that you can do when you are in a business relationship with another entity is to have a contract that governs the situation. This ensures that you are protected if anything happens and the terms of the contract aren't met. We know that you probably hope that you won't ever have to deal with this situation, but it is good to know that the protections are there if you do need them.

Is disclosing my health care information a breach of contract?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires all medical providers to keep their patients' protected health information (PHI) including diagnoses secure so that no one other than a few select individuals can access that information. A patient's health care provider may be sued for breach of contract if they fail to store this data securely.

Know the types of damages you can claim in a breach of contract

When you have a contract with someone, you expect that they will abide by it completely. Unfortunately, there are times when contracts are breached. This can lead to legal action in an attempt to get the matter corrected. One thing that might happen is that the party who didn't breach the contract might choose to seek damages for the impacts of the other party failing to meet the terms of the contract.

Company sued for breach of contract over software

It may be noted that a strong legal tradition helps people and companies stay out of each other's way. But the law does more than protect people from each other. It creates the ways that people and companies can cooperate with each other to get bigger and better things done.

What are common remedies in breach of contract cases?

Breaches of contracts are common. Construction companies fail to complete their work on time, resulting in a homeowner moving into their house later than expected. A medical provider may neglect their duty to protect the privacy of their patients, breaching their agreement that they made with them. These are just two examples of how companies may breach contracts with their customers. There are many different remedies that a company may be ordered to pay when such an event happens.

How do minor and material breaches of contract differ?

There are two primary types of breaches of contracts: minor and material ones. Parties that enter into contractual agreements with one another may be required to meet certain obligations or be subject to certain penalties depending on the type of breach that they're alleged to have had a hand in.

You just may not be bound by your Florida non-compete agreement

On July 1, a new Florida statute went into effect that aims to change how physicians' non-compete agreements have historically been enforced. Florida Statutes Chapter 542 has now been updated to disallow health care organizations from suing doctors practicing in certain fields or rural areas for violating their non-compete agreements.

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