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Business Formation & Planning Archives

Understanding mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are transactions in which the ownership of a company changes, or is transferred to another business organization. These transactions allow companies to globalize, grow and shrink according to the market's requirements. Mergers are the combination of two business entities into one larger entity, while acquisitions are takeovers where one entity gives up ownership to another. The process is fairly complicated because there is a lot at stake, and several laws and departments are in place to monitor such deals.

Weighing the decision to go public

The thought of going public is exciting and terrifying to many businesses. On one hand, the ability to do so successfully could be a very good indicator that your business is doing well and will have a better chance of making it over the long term. When outside investors are given the ability to purchase shares in a company it could mean more money to spend on the business and expansion with the ability to purchase better equipment, improve marketing and expand the talent pool of your personnel. However, while those perks may make the decision sound like a no-brainer, the decision to go public is a give and take, not without real risks and should not be entered into lightly or without a full realization of what will be lost.

How to incorporate a business

If you have made the decision to go out on your own and start a business, you are taking a gamble on achieving great personal success. Many people dream of being their own bosses and employing personnel instead of being an employee, but not many successfully make the transition a reality. Doing so successfully takes important planning and precise steps during the early days of business formation and planning.

How to start a DBA Florida business

If you reside in Florida and want to start a business, you may have numerous questions regarding how to begin your endeavor. You may already have a name for your business. It may be a DBA or Doing Business As, which is a fictional name used when creating a partnership or sole proprietorship. This is often reserved for businesses intending to start small and work up to larger growth.

Understanding the ever-changing ERISA

Insurance practices are hard enough to navigate. When you add to the equation the ever-changing regulations surrounding the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, you may find yourself unintentionally in a breach of obligatory duties as an employer. Employers often provide retirement and pension plans for their employees and in addition to creating those plans, they must routinely ensure they are up-to-date.

Deciding the best formation for your business

You have a product or service and are ready to leave your nine to five and become your own boss. The world of entrepreneurship is a sometimes rewarding and often brutal road to success by your own terms. You've done your homework and cornered your market but still may have questions about how to formally set up your business.

Important aspects of forming a corporation

Starting a new business is exciting but requires an intense amount of planning and preparation. Deciding which form of business your enterprise will take is a crucial step in the planning process. For individuals interested in forming a corporation, there are several important aspects that must be considered before doing so.

2016 Chamber Competitiveness Agenda released

Economic rebound is not nationwide, but here in Florida it seems to be a trending thing. The Chamber of Commerce released details of its new Competitiveness Agenda, and it matches what Governor Rick Scott has planned for Florida's pro-growth future.

Florida is a great place to work according to Forbes

Here in Florida we know how beautiful and inviting our cities are. And depending on your career, you may also consider it the best place to live and work too. If that's the case, then you may not be surprised to see Florida toward the top of the Forbes list of "Best States for Businesses."

Florida company to get even bigger

The mobile products company Brightstar has officially purchased the Canada based company Wireless Works. After a run of acquisitions, Brightstar CEO said the decision to purchase Wireless Works was made to improve their presence in Canada, a country Brightstar already offers services to.

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