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Commercial Real Estate Archives

How to begin a commercial real estate search

Starting your own business means lots of decisions, including prices, wages and products. Another critical factor that needs to be determined is the type of location for your storefront or office space. Whether you need a large warehouse for shipping or a corner ice cream shop, there are several things to consider.

Things you should know about foreclosures

There is always a chance of your lender foreclosing on your home if you miss mortgage payments. Missing several mortgage payments is even worse, and there's a better chance it will lead to foreclosure. Your lender may send you a foreclosure notice via certified mail to warn you of the imminent loss of your property. The lender might also give you a deadline by which you have to clear the property. Losing your property through foreclosure has a negative impact on your credit score, and will affect your chances of obtaining credit in the future.

Things you should know about Land use and Zoning laws

Municipal corporations divide their lands into several zones. Land use and Zoning laws regulate the use of land for developmental purposes. Creating zones makes it easier to divide areas and develop them accordingly. Residential, Commercial and Industrial zones are prime examples of the zoning law. These zones are developed according to the requirements of its inhabitants. Each zone must be optimized by the local regulatory authority, to make sure everything is in order.

Filing for commercial eviction

The U.S. government gives certain rights to tenants that protect them from unlawful eviction. Commercial tenants do not receive the protection that residential tenants do, but there is still a procedure that must be followed to evict them. Landlords must abide by the terms of eviction mentioned in the leasing agreement. In case the tenant breaches the agreement, the landlord has the right to send an eviction notice. If the tenant does not breach the lease agreement, the landlord might find it difficult to get an eviction.

Florida real estate could surge following Brexit vote

Without question, the most significant current event across the globe was the recent vote held in the United Kingdom in which the country chose to pull out of the European Union. A monumental decision that has been dubbed "Brexit," the vote has had far-reaching consequences not only for the country but for the global economy. As an American living in Florida, you may wonder how Brexit could possibly affect you, but experts are already predicting a significant change in the real estate market in Florida.

Are you considering a commercial real estate purchase in Florida?

The Florida real estate market appears to be headed toward recovery. From Jacksonville to Pensacola and Orlando to Miami, prices are on the way up, and ground is being broken on new developments. In even better news, the upswing in the market is not limited to residential property; commercial real estate is included in the recovery, making many consider investing in commercial property in the state. If you are considering getting into the Florida real estate game, the assistance of an experienced attorney can make the process much simpler and ensure your investment is sound.

As the market grows so does the need for experienced attorneys

Everything that we're reading right now tells us that the Florida real estate market is continuing to improve. Property values are going up and so is the demand for more commercial space. As the market continues to recover and business continues to move into Florida, it is likely that the need for experienced commercial real estate attorneys will also continue to increase.

Two new commercial projects possibly coming to Fort Lauderdale

Florida, like much of the U.S., is rebounding and as a sign of this rebound commercial space is growing. With more people working and more money being spent, businesses are looking to either expand in Florida or move here. As the South Florida Business Journal reports, two new commercial projects are being considered by Fort Lauderdale.

Riviera Beach looking to boost tourism and jobs

The working class city of Riviera Beach, just north of West Palm Beach is looking to boost its tourist base and create more jobs. For other cities looking to do the same thing, such high hopes take time, but for Riviera Beach all it takes is $410 million and a marina overhaul.

Should you negotiate the terms of your lease?

commercial-lease-negotiation-frese-hansen.jpgWhen searching for commercial real estate in Florida, there are several factors to take into consideration. It is not simply a matter of square footage and location. Utilities will need to be considered, the layout of the property and, of course, the amount you are prepared to spend on your lease. Once you have fixed these details in your mind, it is time to explore your options. However, you may need to haggle to get the price you want.

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