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Contract Disputes Archives

Condo Construction Is On The Rise. Will Defects Litigation Increase, Too?

At present, there are dozens of condominiums going up throughout central Florida, representing thousands of units - the most robust growth in nearly a decade. Not everyone is cheering these developments, however. In fact, many industry experts expect the furious pace of new construction to lead to a rash of lawsuits over construction defects and are advising prospective buyers to be wary.

Legal requirements for non-competition agreements

Certain employers might want you to sign a non-competition agreement before starting a working relationship. It only takes effect once the employment relationship is over. The agreement has a clause under which you may not start a similar profession that competes with your current employer, once your employment relationship ends. Employers usually require such agreements to protect their trade secrets and goodwill. If dragged into court, such cases may be highly scrutinized. This is because courts do not approve of any contract that stands in the way of a person's right to earn a living.

Legal aid can help with contract disputes

When a person or party wants to be absolutely certain of something, you may hear them express a desire to "get it in writing." What this means is that the person wants a written contract detailing the exact specifications of something, be it employment, the sale of property, exchange of goods and services or even just a simple legal agreement. Once something is put into writing and both parties sign the document asserting that they have read and agree, it becomes legally binding, which gives each party recourse if the contract is breached.

Understanding statutes of limitations for contracts

When it comes to the law, nearly everything has what is known as a statute of limitations. A statute of limitations affects the amount of time by which any legal action must be brought against the party believed to be responsible for the wrongdoing. This, of course, includes serious criminal acts such as burglary or sexual assault, but it can also apply to civil wrongdoings such as personal injury or breach of contract.

Do business law matters have statutes of limitations?

If you have any experience with the law, there is a strong chance that you have heard the phrase statute of limitations. This phrase is used to describe a length of time by which legal action can be taken against any perceived or alleged wrongdoing. Most people only consider statutes of limitations for criminal acts such as burglary or for personal injury matters such as a motor vehicle accident, but there are certain areas of business law for which a statute of limitations may be important.

Contract dispute could lead to striking workers

Unions protect many workers in all states, including Florida. When workers and their union representatives believe they are receiving unfair pay or benefits, or they are unable to come to agreements with an employer's representatives, a strike is often the result. Employees at one out-of-state company may take to a picket line if a contract dispute is not resolved soon.

Contract dispute affects thousands in South Florida

Contract disputes regularly occur in Florida and throughout the country. However, most contract disputes between companies are resolved before they affect the public. This is not the case with one recent contract dispute between telecommunications companies AT&T U-verse and WSVN-FOX 7.

Is earnest money a risk-free return if the home deal falls out?

When you make an offer on a house, you should anticipate a somewhat lengthy process of approvals, appraisals, inspections and documentation before you are granted the keys to the kingdom. Substantial money is going to be tied up in the process, most contributing to the purchase price on the house and some in addition to the final cost.

What are the two types of laws that govern contracts?

No matter the type of business you own, contracts will likely be the most common type of legal transaction you will handle. A contract represents a legally enforceable agreement between you and another party. Understanding the various types of contracts and the laws that governs them is crucial in running a successful business.

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