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Real Estate Disputes Archives

What to do if you are being sued

Being served litigation papers is stressful, even if you were expecting to be sued. While you may firmly believe that you are innocent, not knowing what is going to happen in court and what the outcome will be can cause anxiety and worry. By being prepared, you can have more confidence in your case and your ability to reach a fair settlement. Here are some things to do if you are getting ready to engage in a legal battle.

How Condo Foreclosures Hurt Everyone

For decades, condominiums have represented an affordable option for homeownership for America's working class. However, according to the Washington Post, an ongoing financial crisis is currently putting condo ownership across the United States at risk. While developments thrive in trendy neighborhoods, other communities are in a state of turmoil. Foreclosures, and a spate of related lawsuits, are on the rise.

Contact an attorney for real estate matters

The real estate market is often a reflection of the economic climate in general, and with the economy on the upswing, real estate is once again becoming a key factor in many people's financial plans. Real estate is especially important in coastal cities like Melbourne, where beachfront property and island residences remain highly coveted assets for many individuals. Whether you are seeking your dream retirement home within walking distance of the beach or looking to rent your pristine property in the lush Florida landscape, we can provide you with critical legal assistance.

What if I buy a house that is hiding major problems?

In some aspects, buying real estate is like trading stocks. Whether you're buying property for investment purposes or not, the purchase could be a gamble and it does require considerable expense. However, if all factors line up just right, the return on investment could be substantial. But what happens if your home purchase appears to be a good deal, but turns out to be anything but?

When real estate issues leave you befuddled

When you purchase commercial real estate, it's typically under the supposition that the property can be used for your intended purposes. As a merchant or retailer or supplier of goods or services, the requirements of your business could vary drastically and may be in violation of certain prohibitions in the terms of zoning laws. This is why it is so important to educate yourself on all paperwork and contracts you sign throughout the real estate transaction process.

What can cause a real estate dispute in Florida?

When people come to Florida and buy real estate, usually they are buying their dreams. They picture new lives in the Sunshine State or vacation homes that will bring their families joy for years to come. What most never picture is a real estate dispute.

How do I settle a land lord tenant dispute?

Any time during a tenancy a dispute may arise between a tenant and their landlord. Even if the relationship between landlord and tenant is a friendly one, different issues can cause a breakdown of communication and lead to disagreements. Fortunately, for both landlords and tenants there are several different methods to settling a dispute. And while some of them do not require the help of an attorney, disputes that cannot easily be settled might end up in small claims court where the help of an experienced attorney will be valuable.

Amusement park booted for not paying rent

It is difficult to believe that a popular children's amusement park could get the boot after decades of being part of the community, but as it turns out every property owner has their limit. And for the owner of the property the Miracle Strip Amusement Park sits on, it's $328,000.

What is adverse possession?

Chances are you either know someone who lives by one or have traveled passed one in your lifetime: a noise barrier. These are large, relatively unattractive walls that the highway department puts up to block interstate and highway noise from residential neighborhoods.

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