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Posts tagged "Breach Of Contract"

Noncompete agreements must be considered carefully

The business world is full of contracts and agreements. One of these is a non-compete agreement, which is made between an employer and an employee. Typically, they are done to prevent the employee to use what they learned at the employer's business to help competitors.

When can a therapist breach their confidentiality agreement?

Health care is a highly regulated industry. There are certain rules and regulations that mental health counselors or therapists must familiarize themselves with and adhere to if they wish to remain in compliance with state and federal laws. One obligation they have is to provide their patients with a privacy disclosure outlining their responsibility to protect their confidentiality. Some situations call for breaching this contract though.

A new law to do away with doctor noncompete agreements in Florida

A recent report published by the Florida Department of Health shows that the state is facing a shortage. Health care analysts note that the existence of noncompete agreements that doctors are forced to sign may be to blame for the shortage. Many physicians who sign on to work for larger health care companies are asked to sign these as a condition of an offer of employment.

Breach of contract cases can damage a business

Breach of contract is something that all businesses should try to never allow to happen. These contracts are the backbone of the business world because they set clear standards and penalties for relationships between the company and other companies, employees, vendors and contractors. Ensuring that your company is being protected by the contracts that you have in place is imperative.

Factors to consider when switching physician practices in Florida

Physicians covered by noncompete agreements (NCA) often ask their attorneys if they can take on a new job without violating the terms of their previous contract. A doctor who intends to join a practice in the same geographic region should sit down with a contract attorney to ascertain if their new job would breach their existing NCA.

Is a denied health insurance claim a breach of contract?

Medical costs have skyrocketed in Florida in recent years. This is why it's important for Melbourne residents to have health insurance. Without it, they risk not getting the health care that they need or racking up medical bills that can easily bankrupt them. If you have health insurance, the denial of a claim can leave you financially vulnerable. There are reasons your claim may be rejected and steps that you should take if it occurs.

Your three options when a breach of contract occurs

Contracts are drawn up with the main goal of preventing a dispute and deterring conflict. But at the same time, contracts exist so that each party is legally protected in the way they see fit. If you have entered into a contract that has since been breached, you may wonder what action you can take in order to enforce the terms.

Noncompliance with contract terms must be handled swiftly

Contracts are a central part of business, but there are times when companies don't follow the terms of the contract. This puts the other party in a precarious position because they might not want to have to take legal action to have the terms of the agreement enforced, but they need to know that the contract's terms will be followed.

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