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Understanding patents

Patents are the most basic type of intellectual property. The purpose of registering patents is to encourage new inventions. Having a patent for a specific invention gives you exclusive rights to manufacture, market and sell the product. This helps startups to expand their ideas without facing stern competition from larger companies. There are three types of patents that a person may file for.

Business litigation in Florida: we can help

By all accounts, the American economy is recovering from the recent recession, and a recovering economy is naturally going to bring an increase in businesses and entrepreneurs. As people become more confident in their spending and investments, there will likely be a greater number of people attempting to start their own businesses, and with some of the most attractive real estate options, Florida is a state that many business-savvy hopefuls will look toward.

Be prepared for business litigation issues

If you have ever owned or operated a business, then you know just how much effort, preparation, planning and logistics go into it. But not everyone knows just how complex establishing a business is; simply having a brilliant idea is not enough. Even if you have established a strong product or service, you have barely won half the battle. Building a brand, raising awareness and creating partnerships are just some of the issues that may face you in the future if you hope to create a successful business.

Providing crucial legal aid to Florida businesses

Business litigation can be a messy business and extremely costly both in terms of time and money. Nearly every business owner will tell you how trying litigation can be, which is why thorough and comprehensive contracts are so critical to business ventures and partnerships. However, contracts can be broken, and there are other legal issues that business owners may face, such as disputes with real estate claims or partnership agreements.

Melbourne business signs multi-million dollar contract

Many claimed that we were going through one of the worst economic recessions in modern memory a few short years ago, but recently the economy has started to recover. The housing market is bouncing back, and many cities are looking to join in on the economic boom. Melbourne may not be the first city people think of when they think of Central Florida, but thanks to a recent business deal involving the local Harris Corporation, our gem along the coast may become even more prosperous.

Antitrust laws can affect your business

America is often called the land of opportunity, where a person can arrive with nothing but the shirt on his or her back and become a millionaire. While the American Dream may be growing more and more elusive, there will always be an opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors to start a successful business, thanks to the laws surrounding business in our country. Many business laws are specifically designed to ensure competition and encourage an open market of commerce.

What conduct is considered bad faith?

We typically pay a hefty chunk of our income to insurance companies in the hope that if we ever do need to draw upon that help, the insurer will cover costs that may be far greater than those we have paid to them. Of course, we are dealing in "ifs" and "maybes" and that's a primary way insurance companies make money. For all of those insured who never need to cash in on the maybe or the someday, the insurer stands to gain substantially.

Mergers and acquisitions require careful evaluation and planning

As businesses grow and markets change, sometimes company leaders find themselves in positions where merging with or acquiring other businesses seem like wise moves. Unfortunately, after careful consideration, many find that what seems to be is not what really is. At the law firm of Frese, Whitehead & Anderson, P.A., our job is to carefully evaluate potential mergers and acquisitions to determine if such a move is wise and then assist our clients in planning for their upcoming business transactions. 

Florida business owners face business litigation in many forms

The term "business litigation" often conjures up images of contract disputes. However, business litigation can come in many forms and can result from any number of actions or, in some cases, inactions. Regardless of the reasons behind litigation, very few Florida business owners would ever try to navigate the legal process without the help of experienced business law attorneys.

Preparing your business for success takes help

As a business owner you know that the key to being successful is being prepared. Unfortunately, there are some situations that even the most prepared individuals are not ready for. Business disputes of any kind can sneak up on an individual and take a toll on them and their company if not handled effectively and efficiently. When business or contract disputes threaten your livelihood, speaking to an attorney can put you back on track to success.

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