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When charitable organizations face litigation

Charitable organizations have philanthropic objectives, and look out for the social well-being of the society. As such, they are treated differently in each state, depending on the state laws. In some cases, such organizations get exemptions from taxes and tariffs. Larger nonprofits operate in several states and might have to face litigation and retaliation for a variety of reasons. Most nonprofits prefer to stay away from legal disputes, but where money is involved, litigation is an ever-present danger.

Helping charitable beneficiaries recover assets

For most, wills are sacred documents that detail the last wishes of a beloved individual, which are to be honored following that individual's death. Unfortunately, some people care more for assets and property than they do for the wishes of a lost loved one, and this can lead to questions or disputes regarding wills. This is especially true if a deceased individual leaves assets to a charitable organization, as some feel that it is wrong or unfair to grant property that they feel they deserve to organizations that are not part of the family.

When you need to trust that your gift is just that

There are many reasons why a person who has a considerable fortune may choose to leave it to a charity instead of to surviving family or friends. Perhaps the surviving relationships are strained, perhaps those potential beneficiaries have their own fortunes, or perhaps you want to ensure your money and your legacy lives on to promote a good cause. However, while it may seem cut and dry that a person can gift their wealth or estate to a charity of their choice, if it is not executed correctly, it can end up as more of a burden than a gift.

Helping nonprofit organizations during charity litigation

At the law firm of Frese, Whitehead & Anderson, P.A., we have represented the interests of charitable organizations since our firm's founding in 1989. Thanks to our excellent reputation and the successes we have had when our clients have faced charity litigation, nonprofits continue to seek our assistance when facing legal challenges. Continue reading to learn more about the services we offer to charitable organizations.

Could a charity dispute arise because of the charity itself?

When Florida residents choose to leave funds or assets to charities in their estate plans, their loved ones, if surprised by the decedents' decisions, may decide to take legal action. While many see a charity dispute as the result of greed on the part of a decedent's family members, this is not always the case. In fact, sometimes family members simply want to ensure the funds their loved one left go to a good cause.

Charity litigation in Florida can involve federal agencies

When most people think of charity litigation, they think of one of two scenarios. Some think of disputes filed by representatives of a charity against a trustee due to suspected mismanagement of assets. Others think of disputes filed by family members of decedents who left assets to charities much to the dismay of those loved ones. However, a third scenario, as demonstrated by a case in Florida, is possible -- charity litigation can actually arise from investigations by federal agencies.

How do I ensure I keep my tax-exempt status?

In a nutshell, if you have started a nonprofit business, you need to keep detailed records from meetings with board members. If you do not have records the limited liability that is invaluable to your board members may go by the wayside. Notes from meetings and major decisions should all be recorded.

Tax advantages to a charitable trust

A charitable trust is a special estate planning device that allows you to gift a substantial amount to the charity of your choosing while taking advantage of certain tax benefits. For a charitable trust to be the most beneficial form of gift giving to a charity, typically the charity must be accepted by the Internal Revenue Service as tax exempt. There are several tax advantages to a charitable trust. A comprehensive understanding of these benefits will not only help the gift giver and charity, but the gift giver's heirs as well.

Charity founder's son pleads guilty of embezzlement

For many individuals, their estate plan includes a donation gifted to their favorite charity. Regardless of how minor or substantial these gifts may be, knowing the funds are being put to good use supporting the things we love is usually enough of a reason to do it. However, occasionally donations are intercepted by the hands of greedy individuals. When this happens, our gifts of charitable support turn into expendable income for someone it was never meant for. For many Florida residents, this may very well be the case, as a local fire captain pleads guilty to embezzlement of funds given to a charity founded by his father.

New rule in works for charity donors

Most Americans don't keep very good financial records for tax time. However, one thing most individuals try to keep track of is their tax deductible charitable receipts. Generally, this is not a problem for the conservative giving that most Americans do, but for people that give a substantial amount throughout the year, keeping donation receipts can be detrimental to their tax filing. After years of asking taxpayers to prove their charitable deductions through receipts, the IRS is now looking at other ways to substantiate donations.

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