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Posts tagged "Commercial Property Closings"

Preparing to close on a commercial property

If you are buying your first commercial real estate property as an investment, it is likely that you will feel like you are walking into the unknown to some extent. You have also probably conducted a great deal of analysis on how the property will be able to provide you with income in the future -- but you may have overlooked possible expenses that cannot be easily foreseen.

What can cause delays in closing on commercial real estate?

Florida business owners often ask how commercial real estate closings differ from residential ones. One stark difference that you'll come to notice quite quickly is that the former is far less regulated than the latter. One of several reasons that Melbourne commercial real estate closings get delayed is because there's no set standard form or procedures that must be followed as part of this process.

How long does it typically take to close on a commercial loan?

In business, time often equals money. Companies are often motivated to quickly close on the commercial properties that they want to buy because the sooner that they do, the sooner that it is that they can start generating much-needed cash to begin paying off their investment. This is perhaps one of the reasons that Florida business owners ask how long it will take to close on their commercial loans.

Watch for signs of fraud in a commercial property closing

An executive in the Florida title insurance industry has cautioned buyers of commercial properties that the risk of cyberfraud in commercial real estate deals is growing. Fraudsters now seek to profit from larger deals than home sales. Residential real estate previously had been the target.

Key steps to closing on commercial real estate

If you are familiar with the process of closing on residential properties but have yet to embark on purchasing a commercial property, you might wonder how the process will differ. Commercial real estate purchases tend to be more flexible but at the same time offer less protection for buyers. If you are responsible when doing your planning, you should be able to make a lucrative investment.

Things to consider when buying your first home in Florida

Buying your first home is a big step in responsibility and investment. It can mean that you are able to accumulate a great deal of worth quickly when the property market is booming. But it also means that you will face monthly mortgage repayments that can be imposing on your financial life.

What should I look for when closing on commercial real estate?

Both residential and commercial real estate closings used to involve both the seller and buyer sitting at a table to finalize a purchase, but a lot has changed over the years. Most closings are now handled electronically at a distance. While this may be convenient for some, it makes it even more important for sellers and buyers to practice some due diligence of their own to ensure their closing goes as smoothly as expected.

Commercial and multifamily lending reaches an all-time high

Just last week, a report published by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) captured how commercial lending in 2018 was projected to outpace previous years. The study's authors also noted that they're expecting multifamily and commercial origination loans to reach $532 billion this year, at least $2 billion more than last year.

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