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Posts tagged "Construction Litigation"

Making sense of Florida's statutory condo construction warranty

Florida Statutes Title XL Real and Personal Property § 718.203 outlines how a developer extends an implied warranty of fitness and merchantability when they turn over a unit to a condominium owner. It only covers the purchaser for specified uses or purposes though.

Bridge collapse may bring liability concerns to builder

Florida has one of the fastest-moving construction industries in the United States, with high-rises that seem to shoot spontaneously into the air to the skylines of Miami and Orlando. But there is a lot of work that goes into every project, from planning to dedication, and each one has to be carefully tended by professionals.

What are the 6 primary types of construction delays?

Construction delays can be both inconvenient and costly for all parties involved. One project not being completed on time can become like a domino effect from the contractor's perspective. It can result in other jobs starting late. A homeowner may not have anywhere to move if their new home isn't finished by the expected deadline. Some construction delays are avoidable but not all of them are. There may be different legal remedies that you can pursue depending on how your delay is classified.

Florida Building Codes help protect residents

The likelihood of hurricanes means that people in Florida must live in homes that can withstand the winds from these major storms. In order to do this, you count on contractors to ensure the jobs they do for you meet the current building codes for hurricanes.

A Miami-Dade condo association sues a contractor over damage

The Brickell East condo association filed suit against the Echo Brickell and the construction company John Moriarty and Associates in Miami-Dade circuit court last week. The former accuses the latter of having reneged on their agreement to keep the impact to their building to a minimum.

Your options for handling a construction dispute

Disputes between a client and a contractor can often arise if work is not completed on time or not done to a standard the client believes is adequate. Becoming involved in a dispute can have the potential to ruin a contractor's reputation, and it will undoubtedly cost more money and time. This is why disputes must be resolved as soon as possible after they arise.

4 tips to help you find a reputable contractor

Florida is in the midst of hurricane season. While everyone certainly hopes that no big storms head this way, there is always a chance that one will. Once a hurricane hits, people need to have home repair jobs done. You might even have some that you want to finish without a storm arriving. In all these cases, you must ensure that you have a reputable contractor working for you.

How should construction contracts deal with payment?

Before any service is provided in return for payment, a contract should be put into place. Contracts are made for the benefit of all parties involved. The goal of a contract is to formalize all communication in a way that is clear and legally binding. This enables all parties to have a safety net to fall back on if the contract is breached.

Florida contractor negligence can be costly for all parties

Several Fort Lauderdale business owners filed suit against Florida Power & Light (FPL) and a contractor that they hired to perform work for them in Broward Circuit Court over the summer. The five companies lost significant business when the contractor pierced a hole in a water pipe causing a water main to break in the city on July 17.

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