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Posts tagged "Construction Litigation"

What causes poor construction quality?

It's important that construction work is done properly because poor quality can affect the safety, longevity and the beauty of the building. If you are unhappy with the outcome of a construction project that you commissioned, you may be wondering what you can do to gain some form of compensation.

Know your rights when construction projects go awry

Hiring a contractor is a big undertaking. You have to be sure they understand the scope of the project and that they are able to do it suitably. You must also determine how the bid fits into your budget. There is also the matter of the timeline for the project. You can't allow a construction project to drone on and on forever. Once you have discussed the matter with the contractor you choose, a contract is signed and the project can move forward.

Shoddy workmanship might not be immediately evident

Building projects take a lot of time and money. It is imperative that these are taken care of correctly. Without proper permits and planning, these projects can turn into a nightmare. You also need to have a contractor who is reputable or the building might not be constructed in a safe or expected manner. We know that this isn't at all what you want.

What is home repair fraud, and how can you avoid it?

Hurricane season starts on June 1. While many Florida residents will hope and pray that bad weather steers clear of them, it's inevitable that someone in the state will experience intense wind and rain that will cause damage to their property. It's important that you're armed with the knowledge to avoid being defrauded by deceptive home contractors that you may encounter.

A Florida developer tries to sell a development without consent

The construction of a Delray Beach mixed-used development is facing a delay. One of the two developers who'd partnered together to oversee the $100 million Midtown Delray Beach project has sued the other. The plaintiff accuses his business partner of having attempted to sell the property to a prospective buyer without consent. The latter has also filed a lawsuit requesting to complete the purchase of the development.

Weather delays can cause significant problems in construction

The weather is sometimes a factor when a construction project is ongoing. The issue with this is that the contractor can't control it, but they still need to make contingency plans will enable them to have the project done on time despite what is going on with the weather. This might not be easy, but an experienced contractor should be able to make it work.

Material and immaterial contract breaches

If you are dissatisfied by low quality work conducted by a construction worker or if the work was not completed in a timely manner, you'll probably feel quite angry and frustrated by the issue. Issues in the completion of the project may have had implications for your personal life or for the running of your business, and this is why it is wise to consider taking legal action.

Don't allow a shady contractor to complete your project

With the summer season approaching, many people in Florida might be in the process of hiring contractors to complete work during this time. Unfortunately, when there is an uptick in requests for contractors, shady people come out and try to take the jobs. Not only is this illegal, but it can also lead to a nightmare for you to try to clean up.

Busy contractors can cause domino effect construction delays

While much of the country envies the weather in Florida, there is one thing that residents here truly worry about --hurricanes. After a hurricane hits, homeowners and businesses try to scramble to rebuild. This puts a huge strain on the construction industry.

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