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Posts tagged "Health Law"

Warning, antibiotic resistant germs can be found in nursing homes

When you have a good estate plan in place that accounts for potential long-term illnesses or extended stays in a nursing home, you tend not to worry if you have to visit the doctors down the road. You may experience less stress if you have to stay in a hospital or nursing home to receive care. That's because you've set aside money for this exact purpose and know that you're covered.

What the Terri Shiavo case taught us about end-of-life wishes

For a lot of people across the nation, the story of 29-year-old Brittany Maynard, the terminally ill woman who moved to Oregon to die legally with help from doctors, is sparking new conversations about end-of-life wishes and what many people are calling a person's "right to die."  It's because of this and other stories that 26 states, including Washington D.C., are expected to consider legislation this year that could change how we view our rights within health law.

New law about full-time employees could be around the corner

full-time-employment-health-law-frese-hansen.JPGFor quite some time now, the definition of a full-time worker, in the eyes of the federal government, has been someone who works at least 30 hours in a work week. The importance of this threshold is that it sets the bar for employers who are required to provide health benefits, such as access to insurance, if their employees are considered full-time.

Two lawsuits uncover Medicare and Medicaid fraud in Florida

medicare-medicaid-fraud-frese-hansen.jpegThe reason President Obama's Affordable Care Act has been so popular among many people here in the United States is the fact that many people believe that having access to affordable health care is incredibly important. Because many of our readers are nearing retirement age or are perhaps already retired, they know this fact perhaps better than anyone else.

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