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Posts tagged "Veterans' Benefits"

Veterans should not be afraid to pursue benefits

There are few things more patriotic and honorable than serving your country in the armed forces. Nearly every American citizen supports the men and women who risk their lives fighting for the freedoms we hold so dear, even when said citizens do not approve of the war. Unfortunately, this commitment to veterans does not always extend to aiding them when they return to civilian life and struggle to readjust. This becomes especially important when veterans grow older and require extensive health care.

Understanding pensions for veterans and their families

For veterans who have served in times of war, a pension may be paid. This is based upon the particular need of the veteran as well as certain factors like non-service related disability and age. Beyond this benefit exists other benefits that can cover family and help in the even of detrimental occurrences. If your spouse was in the military, or perhaps a parent, you may have less than a strong idea of what financial options are available to you.

Benefits for those who have served our country

A United States veteran is someone who has served our country in some branch of active military, including the Reserve and National Guard.  Many think of veterans as only those who have served in combat, but the term really encompasses a wider group who were willing to sacrifice. Of course, it goes without saying that veterans are also those who were relieved of duty in any way other than dishonorably.

Make sure mom and dad know about their VA benefits

Your children are growing older, and you are growing older. Naturally, that means that if your parents are still alive, they are aging as well. Times are changing so fast, and technology is a struggle for even the college grad to keep up with. We've seen televisions go from the bigger the better to the thinner the better, and now a traditional television is obsolete and new homes are designed with white walls and mobile projectors allowing for live tv anywhere you desire. And that's just the entertainment sector.

New benefits may become available to veterans who served in Korea

Veterans have the right to a number of benefits that they earned by serving in the U.S. military. Namely, benefits like health care and disability. However, some illnesses are not recognized as resulting from military service, and the veterans who suffer from these illnesses, including many living in Florida, do not receive the benefits that some feel they should. One man's years of working toward recognition for one group of soldiers may now culminate in expanded veterans' benefits.

Florida veterans may find their benefits impacted by 'crisis'

Veterans in Florida and other states turn to the federal government for the help they need after having served their country. Unfortunately, upon requesting veterans' benefits, many find themselves victims of a system that many say is broken, resulting in a crisis for veterans in need. This crisis has resulted in cries for reforms at the federal level.

What assets figure into my eligibility for veterans' benefits?

You've raised children. You've defended our great nation. As you age, you find that your body isn't as agile as it once was. Perhaps you feel a bit of comfort knowing that you have earned veterans' benefits, which will lessen the burden of any expenses from medical care you may need, without relying on your children or anyone else.

Free parking for disabled veterans on its way

Showing our veterans how grateful we are for their service is difficult to do. Supporting new programs that help returning soldiers and veterans live a healthy, happy life is just one way citizens can say thank you. Just recently it was announced that Tampa International Airport will be showing their appreciation for veterans in another very easy, but very valuable way; by offering disabled veterans free parking.

Aid and Attendance Benefit for veterans

Many times elderly veterans need extra care or have a spouse that requires extra care. For millions of Americans, these costs can strain families and drain savings accounts. Fortunately for veterans, the VA offers a little known but amazing benefit called the Aid and Attendance Benefit. Unfortunately, applying for this benefit can possibly open the door to fraudulent selling practices and scam artists.

Veteran friendly Florida makes number 1 spot

A new independent study lists Florida as the most veteran friendly state there is. According to Florida TaxWatch, an impressive 1.6 million veterans are currently residing in Florida. This number comes out to be one in every 12 adults and represents how attractive the sunshine state is to veterans.

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