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Posts tagged "Breach Of Contract"

Noncompete agreements amidst acquisitions and mergers

Nowadays, it's fairly common that employers have both their new hires and more seasoned staff sign noncompete clauses. For many companies, they see having their employees do this as a way to protect their investment of time and resources in their staff. They also see this as strategic approach. It gives companies some comfort in knowing that their handpicked staff can't run off and join their many competitors.

How to help your elderly parent avoid being financially scammed

Recent crime reports show that, on an annual basis, criminals are responsible for stealing as much as $30 billion from the elderly. Florida, one of the states with the highest percentage of elderly patients, is prime territory for financial-oriented theft aimed at this population.

The different ways doctors can escape noncompete agreements

No matter who you work for, most employers ask their employees to sign a noncompete clause in this day and age. Doctors aren't, unfortunately, immune to this. Hospitals have taken to utilizing noncompete clauses as a way to ensure that the doctors they hire don't walk away and take their patients with them or work in a neighboring area for a certain period of time.

What can you do if someone breaches a contract?

You have been waiting for your new apartment to be completed for months. The time it has taken to be finalized has stretched out longer and longer. You were patient at first, but now you're tired of waiting. The contractor is in an indirect breach of contract.

What goes into writing an airtight noncompete agreement?

Traditionally speaking, non-compete agreements (NCA) have been used by different employers as a way to keep employees who are privy to trade secrets and other strategic operational insight from being easily taken and used against their employer. As a result, any number of industries from sales to software development have taken to protecting their intellectual property by requiring their employees to sign these type agreements.

The essential elements of a contract

A valid contract does not just include the signatures of two or more parties. There are a lot more elements that go into a valid contract. If any element of a contract is missing, or violated, the contract can be deemed invalid. Breach of contract could also come into play if any of the elements discussed in this post are not present in a contract.

Mom, daughter want Justin Bieber to pay for no meet-and-greet

Last year, a Broward county judge awarded a mother and daughter $5,298.75 in a default judgment against singer Justin Bieber. The lawsuit alleged that the pop star refused to appear for a meet-and-greet session, which came with the two concert tickets the woman purchased.

Did your partners fail to hold up their end of the bargain?

A handshake should be enough for someone to hold up their end of the bargain, right? Unfortunately, it's 2017, and not everyone is as scrupulous as we'd like them to be. When push comes to shove in a business deal, agreeing parties may try to break your contract and take advantage of the situation. Or, they might break the contract due to financial issues or circumstances out of their control.

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