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Posts tagged "Breach Of Contract"

What damages can you seek for a breach of contract?

Contracts keep the business world together. They ensure that each party holds up its end of the bargain and that transactions go smoothly. But what happens when a party on one side of the agreement decides to not to live up to the guidelines set forth in the contract? In legal terms, that's what's called a breach of contract. When that occurs, there are several ways in which the injured party can be made whole again.

How do indemnification clauses work?

Indemnification clauses are common in many leases. Indemnification clauses act as "poison pill" provisions to discourage unscrupulous property owners from shirking their obligations under the lease. Since they are such a prolific part of lease agreements, this pot will go over how indemnification clauses work and what they may mean for your leases.

Gabrielle Union settles breach of contract suit against BET

You may know her as the newscaster in "Being Mary Jane," or the DEA agent from "Bad Boys II." For many of us Floridians, she's the wife of Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade. However you know her, she's been in the news lately because of a very public contract dispute with the BET television network.

Basics of breach of contract claim, Part 2

Contracts are the bread and butter of the business. They enable companies to cooperate, exchange goods and services, and make a profit. That means, when a breach of contract occurs, the core building block of business has broken down. As discussed in a previous post, a breach of contract occurs when one party refuses to fulfill their reciprocal obligations under the contract. This post will go over alternative solutions once a breach occurs.

Four reasons to never breach a contract

Contracts are an indispensable part of doing business. Yes, handshakes and verbal agreements will work in some rare instances, but having a written contract is the best way to protect your business from potentially unscrupulous companies and people. If a contract dispute does come up and your contract is sound, you'll have nothing to worry about.

Don't get these contract terms confused

Contracts are the glue that hold business together in this country. A handshake and a verbal agreement may work in some rare cases, but a written contract can delve into details that no friendly arrangement can cover. In fact, those little details can mean the difference between a smooth working relationship and total disaster.

Creating a noncompete agreement for a new doctor

In medieval times, the economy relied on apprenticeships to graduate craftsmen into the workforce. A master would agree to train an apprentice in exchange for low-wage labor for a few years to help the apprentice learn the trade. At the end of the period, the apprentice graduated and was considered a journeyman. To maintain control of the market, the master might want to prevent the journeyman he trained for years from practicing the craft within a certain area.

Basics of a breach of contract claim, Part 1

Contracts are the bedrock of business. They allow businesses to exchange goods and services. Contracts lay out reciprocal obligations, rules that govern the relationship, and timelines. Contracts, in short, are the lifeblood of business. Therefore, when a business breaches a contract, companies need methods with which to resolve the dispute. This post will go over the basics of what constitutes a breach of contract.

The basics of defending a non-compete clause

Noncompete clauses are used by employers and businesses to protect their investments former employees and business partners. The goal of noncompetes is to make it expensive for employees and business partners to leave a relationship, therefore, stifling the competition before it starts up. This post will go over the basics of defending against enforcement of noncompete clauses.

Can an advertisement be considered a contract?

In Florida and across the country, we're inundated with advertisements. Drive down the road, and you'll see a billboard. Watch a video online, and you'll sit through an ad. Watch a sporting event, and you'll see a life's worth of commercials. We generally ignore them (though science tells us that they affect us nonetheless), but can advertisements be considered a contract in the legal sense?

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