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February 2018 Archives

Do you need an attorney at your closing?

Florida law does not require an attorney be present at a real estate closing, but there are definitely good reasons to have one. If you are purchasing commercial real estate property, it is doubtful you will want to "not" have a real estate attorney.

Real estate contracts and closing require careful consideration

Making the decision to buy a property is a big step. Real estate isn't cheap, so you have to make sure that you are doing your due diligence before you sign anything. There are many things that you need to think about when you are buying any type of real property.

Selling your investment property is only half the battle

When it comes to investment properties, there will likely come a time in which you'll want to call it quits with some of them. You may decide to do so for a number of reasons. Repairs or maintenance fees may become too costly than you feel comfortable with or the area that the property is in may be on the decline and you want to get out before it's too late.

Get approval before painting your home's exterior

Melbourne, Florida, has many lovely homes, but even the best of them could use a new coat of paint from time to time. That might sound easy: Choose a pretty color of paint, buy a pretty color of paint and apply a pretty color of paint. However, if your community has a busybody committee, formally known as a community homeowner's association or HOA, you will need to follow some rules to avoid real estate litigation.

Wills or trusts drafted under undue influence can be thrown out

You've likely heard of a case along these lines before. A wealthy individual dies. When their will is filed with the probate court, it's uncovered that all of the decedent's assets are unexpectedly earmarked not to those who were expected heirs, but instead someone else.

Florida highway contract dispute results in court ruling

Many industries in Florida, from construction to communication, require a lot of different people and parts working together. Big projects can make responsibility for different segments difficult to track and agree upon, so companies and contractors often rely on preset agreements to dictate how they work together.

Contracts must be followed or there are consequences

A contract is legally binding and must be complied with as noted in the document. There are times when people might not follow these contracts as they are written. At this junction, the other party will have to decide if he or she wishes to pursue legal action for the breach of contract. We can help you go determine what options you have in your case, no matter which side you are on.

3 reasons doctors may be accused of breaching noncompete clauses

When it comes to breach of contract disputes that arise between health systems and doctors, many unnecessary courtroom battles have been fought over a sheer misunderstanding of the contract terms.

Allegations of toxins in land result in litigation

The bustling metropolis of Melbourne, Florida, is home to a booming real estate market. Deals are made every day for properties big and small, ranging from single-family homes to towering commercial buildings. Each of those deals involves contracts, inspectors, buyers, sellers and often many contractors and subcontractors too. With all those people involved, it is inevitable that someone will wind up on a different page from someone else regarding price, building quality, property maintenance or any number of other issues. When that happens, real estate litigation tends to happen to, as the involved parties seek a legal remedy to their disagreement.

Contractors in legal battle over Orlando theme park work

Construction is big business in Florida, and big projects require different types of labor and crews. Skyscrapers, condominiums and other large construction undertakings need the cooperation of many different contractors to get things together and ensure a property is safe and secure.

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