4 Ways an Attorney Helps You through the Probate Process

help with probate problemsHelp with Probate Problems

Serving as the Personal Representative of an estate is an important and challenging job. You must be represented by an attorney except for small estates when you are a Personal Representative. The good news is working with an attorney gives you help with probate problems and ensures you honor your loved one’s wishes.

What is Probate and How Can an Attorney Help with Probate Problems?

Probate is the process through with the court ensures a deceased person’s creditors are paid and his or her beneficiaries receive the intended gifts. As the Personal Representative of a will, you want to handle this process as efficiently and quickly as possible. An attorney guides you through the process and makes a difficult time a bit easier for everyone involved.

1. Provide Clarity and Prevent Delays

The first thing an attorney does is provide clarity on the probate process. Unfortunately, the probate process is far from simple, especially for larger estates or when there are many beneficiaries. Time limitations also complicate the process. The sale of assets is especially tricky. An attorney settles your loved one’s estate efficiently and offers help with probate problems. Working with an attorney also prevents you from waiting too long to begin the probate process.

2. Inventory Assets

Preparing an accurate inventory of assets is an essential step in settling an estate. You must account for everything and determine how to pass them along to the rightful beneficiaries. Failing to prepare an accurate inventory complicates matters immensely and can lead to long-term legal issues with the estate.

3. Dealing with Real Estate

Usually, real estate is a major part of someone’s estate. Once they are gone, the Personal Representative handles issues with real estate and determines whether or not to sell it. An attorney can help you with preparing the property for sale, making decisions about listing it, and distributing the proceeds as dictated by the estate.

4. Tying Up Loose Ends

Concluding an estate is an important part of being a Personal Representative. Many people think distributing assets completes their work. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, especially if an unsettled debt is discovered. An attorney helps you handle the estate properly and provides help with probate problems.

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