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Update Your Will or Trust You don’t need to worry about your estate plan expiring, but you might need to update your will or trust from time to time. As life changes occur, things included in your estate plan should also change. It’s important to periodically check your will or trust and review your estate […]

Estate Planning Estate planning can be a complex process when you have children. Many parents intend to leave the majority of their estate, including their bank accounts, to their children. But many are concerned that doing so in their will is not enough to ensure this happens. They also worry that the probate process will […]

While many people choose to focus their estate planning efforts on things like making sure their will and trusts are set up properly, there is another facet of this process that shouldn’t be overlooked: You need to set up powers of attorney designations so that the people you choose can take care of matters for […]

When your loved one set up one or more trusts, they did so likely with the intention of maintaining control over their legacy and providing for the people they love, including you. They probably put substantial thought in to the decision about who should serve as trustee. Unfortunately, situations and relationships can change. Someone who […]

You’re getting older, and one thing you want to start taking care of is your estate plan. One aspect of your estate plan that you may want to talk about with your attorney is Medicaid planning. Medicaid planning helps you prepare your estate in a way that will allow you to leave behind assets for […]

Our team of estate planning attorneys have served Florida residents for many years. During that time, we have learned that creating an effective estate plan requires that we develop a partnership with our clients. This is beneficial for many reasons. In particular, it allows us to make certain that your unique needs are met. Not […]

When doing your estate planning, it’s important to consider the role of a healthcare power of attorney. This is different than simply leaving a directive to tell the doctors what type of medical care you want, although it is a related process. Rather than leaving instructions, your power of attorney chooses a person and gives […]

The internet plays a huge role in your everyday life. You can bank, shop and access reward points online. But how do your online assets fit into your estate plan? What if you want to leave Bitcoin, airline rewards or a half-typed novel to a loved one? These are all potentially valuable possessions. Despite the […]

Compared with other states, Florida has an unusually high population of retired people. The Sunshine State has become a destination for retirees thanks to the pleasant weather that can reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis conditions and other aging-related ailments in the many established communities and facilities that cater to retired adults. The high percentage of […]

Estate planning requires taking stock of all the assets you have and then adjusting the plan whenever you gain or lose significant assets. One thing to remember is that much of your wealth could be represented in your life insurance policy. Despite not actually having that money in hand at the time of the planning, […]


To Our Valuable Clients:

The federal government has recently enacted legislation to assist citizens and businesses facing uncertain financial challenges due to COVID-19. We are here to help answer questions and guide you through the details of the various processes to procure financial assistance from our government. The acts are very new and more will probably be coming. But they currently provide for dollar for dollar tax credits for payroll for COVID19 related payroll, cash advances and loans that have tremendously favorable terms and in some cases, total forgiveness of the debt.

Please stay as safe as possible during this terrible crisis and if we can help you with questions about the new federal assistance laws, please contact us.

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