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As you get older, one thing you may need to start doing is preparing for Medicaid. Did you know that the average cost of nursing home has exceeded $7,000? It’s shocking, considering that it costs much less than that to have an apartment or to live a normal life. Unfortunately, medical costs are high in […]

Having a new baby is a joy for most parents. During the pregnancy, they need to do a lot of planning. You probably think about things like the nursery and diapers, but many don’t think about the estate plan they need to create so their child is cared for if something happens to both parents. […]

Medicaid planning is just a part of growing older. You need to think about the best way to qualify while still protecting your assets. When should you start planning? As soon as possible. Medicaid has a look-back period that has to be considered, so taking steps to protect your assets prior to that is important. […]

If you die without writing a legally valid will (called “dying intestate”), ultimately it will be up to the state of Florida to decide what happens to everything you own, from your car and house to bank accounts and insurance, stocks and your 401(k) and even your email and social media accounts. Some people like […]

Married couples in the United States can face special complications when at least one spouse is a noncitizen. When they are a high-asset couple and one spouse passes away, the U.S. tax system may offer even more unpleasant surprises. When the American spouse dies, taxes can take brutal chunks taken out of their spouse’s inheritance. […]

If you don’t already have an estate plan, it may be because the process is a bit daunting. You may already know who you want to leave your home and assets to, and the estate planning process sounds like just a boring process of putting that plan in place. Or maybe you just don’t want […]

The start of a new year is often a time people look at their lives and consider what, if anything, they want to change. People might decide to get healthier, be more adventurous or quit bad habits. This can also be an excellent time to think about your estate planning goals. Your wishes for your […]

Living in a community of townhomes or condominiums can have its advantages, but it can also have its disadvantages. Some purposely move to these communities for the homeowner’s association. Others move there in spite of the homeowner’s association. Each homeowner’s association is different in Florida, but there are similarities. What are the common homeowner association […]


To Our Valuable Clients:

The federal government has recently enacted legislation to assist citizens and businesses facing uncertain financial challenges due to COVID-19. We are here to help answer questions and guide you through the details of the various processes to procure financial assistance from our government. The acts are very new and more will probably be coming. But they currently provide for dollar for dollar tax credits for payroll for COVID19 related payroll, cash advances and loans that have tremendously favorable terms and in some cases, total forgiveness of the debt.

Please stay as safe as possible during this terrible crisis and if we can help you with questions about the new federal assistance laws, please contact us.

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