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Why do doctors get sued for post-termination contract violations?

There are many things that can happen if you breach your employment contract as a doctor. One likely result is that you'll be terminated from your job. You may also be asked to pay damages for violating its terms.

There are some ways to minimize your risk of being sued though. Consider the following:

What can you do if you have trouble with a Florida contractor?

Florida, as we know, is a lovely place to live. However, a significant downside to living here, as we also know, is the number of national disasters that we face.

Hurricane Michael, which struck the northern part of Florida in October, caused at least $11 billion in damage and leveled countless homes. Impacted Floridians, undoubtedly, are eager to rebuild and resume life as they knew it.

Taking legal action over a trust might be possible

A person who is creating an estate plan will often use trusts as a way to move assets around. These are established with a specific purpose in mind and must be handled in a specific manner. While these are usually foolproof, there are times when a trust litigation matter might come up. We can help you learn more about these matters and what options you have for handling them.

One thing to remember is that you can only take legal action in these cases if there are certain conditions present. These are very strict, so not all cases will be able to head to court if someone thinks something isn't right. We can review the matter to give you our opinion on what you can do to rectify the situation.

Adverse possession can erode profits from selling your property

If you own a piece of land, then it may be possible for someone who's staked a claim to it to acquire a valid title under adverse possession laws. The person who has claimed such rights to the property must have been utilizing it for a significant period of time. A person wishing to take adverse possession of a property must meet several other conditions as well.

The adverse possessor must have maintained continuous possession of the property. If there's been a privity, or the existence of a legal relationship between the two individuals claiming a right to it, then the adverse possessor may be able to establish that there was continuity by taking successive adverse possessions of it.

Common disputes between condo associations and owners

Owning a condo in Florida comes with many perks. However, it can also come with a challenge: dealing with the condominium association. On the flip side, being a member of the board can be frustrating thanks to problematic owners. Both parties play important roles that can sometimes conflict with each other.

What starts out as a simple complaint can turn into a legal dispute between the association and owners when they cannot resolve the matter. This happens for many reasons, including for these common issues.

Clearwater couple sued over alleged breach of contract

When two parties enter into a binding and lawful contract and one party fails to uphold their end of the bargain, the other party may have the ability to pursue a legal claim for damages. In cases where the contact involved a loan or regular payments to be made by one party, if the other party fails to make those payments, then the amount to pursue in such a lawsuit is relatively straightforward.

In a recent matter relating to a breach of contract dispute, a married couple in Clearwater is facing charges that they breached their contract with Autovest Financial Services, LLC. The auto financing company alleges that they owe approximately $6,600 because they defaulted on their obligation to make regular payments under contract.

Developer sues after Florida city blocks project

The developers of a proposed residential community that could have brought as many as 2,500 apartments or condos to the Town Center area of Boca Raton, Florida, have sued the city.

The proposer, a real estate and management firm, is seeking $137.6 million in damages. The plaintiff contends that the City Council's vote to reject the Midtown Boca community has reduced the value of the land, as well as the value of other properties the firm owns nearby.

Community association threatens fine over butterfly garden

A Florida woman is in a tussle with her neighborhood's homeowners association over the butterfly garden in her front yard.

The woman, from Pensacola, is a retired teacher who said she has had a butterfly garden in her front yard for about six years. She told a local TV station that she nurtures caterpillars and butterflies throughout their growing cycle. Her yard is filled with plants and trees that butterflies find appealing.

Does a noncompete agreement hold up after an acquisition?

You sign a noncompete agreement when joining a company, knowing that it limits the scope of your work outside of that company but also thinking that you are probably never going to leave anyway. This is a dream job.

Then the company gets sold to another company. After the acquisition, it's not a dream for you anymore. You want to move on. Are you still bound by that noncompete agreement? Do you still have to honor it even though the people you originally signed it with are gone?

Trust litigation: What does it involve?

Trust litigation may erupt when the rights to a trust are not clear. An individual or a company, for example, could find that the language of the trust is ambiguous to the degree that its intentions are unclear -- or because one party is doggedly intent on interpreting the trust in an inappropriate manner.

At our firm, we are frequently tasked with analyzing and determining the true meaning of a trust and then defending our client's legal rights to the trust in court when necessary. The types of trust litigation scenarios we might represent could involve a trustee who controls and manages a trust for the benefit of the beneficiary. Perhaps this trustee is not managing and/or distributing the assets of the trust appropriately. In order for the beneficiary to safeguard his or her legal rights, it may be necessary to pursue a legal action.

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