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What causes poor construction quality?

It's important that construction work is done properly because poor quality can affect the safety, longevity and the beauty of the building. If you are unhappy with the outcome of a construction project that you commissioned, you may be wondering what you can do to gain some form of compensation.

Construction litigation can be complex, and your chances of success when it comes to gaining back damages will depend on the specific circumstances. It is beneficial to understand what led to the poor quality of the construction project. The following are some of the most common reasons why a construction project suffers from poor quality.

Know your rights when construction projects go awry

Hiring a contractor is a big undertaking. You have to be sure they understand the scope of the project and that they are able to do it suitably. You must also determine how the bid fits into your budget. There is also the matter of the timeline for the project. You can't allow a construction project to drone on and on forever. Once you have discussed the matter with the contractor you choose, a contract is signed and the project can move forward.

There is a good chance that you are waiting anxiously for the project to come to an end. You probably want to use the area and start to enjoy it. Unfortunately, there are times when things go wrong. This might be that there is a delay in the project that pushes the end date off even more. It might be that the materials aren't up to par or that the workmanship is shoddy.

How to pick charitable trust benefactors

An important instrument that many individuals of means often set up as part of their estate planning toolkit is a trust. By doing so, they provide their heirs or beneficiaries with many tax savings benefits. Many people decide to leave behind some assets to their family members or close friends. Others leave their remaining assets to their favorite organization as part of a charitable trust. Picking the right charity to leave your assets to isn't always easy, however.

It's important that you always thoroughly research an organization before you ultimately decide to include them in your as a beneficiary of your charitable trust. When you're comparing different options, you should delve deeper into their spending habits. You should find out how much each spends on outreach efforts versus administrative costs.

4 ways to turn a house flip into a nightmare

It is impossible to turn on HGTV these days without seeing a show devoted to flipping houses. While there is a big difference between television and reality, turning a rundown residence into someone’s dream home may be an effective way to turn a profit. The venture is not without risk, though. 

In the United States, home flipping has reached an all-time high. Unfortunately, profits for flippers have started to slip. While you cannot control the housing market, you can avoid some of the common pitfalls of flipping. Here are four ways to turn a house flip into a nightmare: 

A new law to do away with doctor noncompete agreements in Florida

A recent report published by the Florida Department of Health shows that the state is facing a shortage. Health care analysts note that the existence of noncompete agreements that doctors are forced to sign may be to blame for the shortage. Many physicians who sign on to work for larger health care companies are asked to sign these as a condition of an offer of employment.

Employers in the medical field often force their doctors into signing these agreements as a way to secure their share in the marketplace. They do so in an effort to keep their highly-trained doctors from leaving them for another practice.

What you need to know about quiet title auctions

Real estate ownership is becoming big business among different people. As more people become interested in real estate, there are greater chances of claims to ownership.

In order to avoid conflict over a piece of property, a quiet title action may be beneficial. There are a few important things to understand about this process.

Florida likely to see boom in need for cold-storage facilities

Florida is among the states that are expected to see a growth in the demand of commercial property in a specific sector: cold storage.

Because of the growth of e-commerce food delivery services such as Blue Apron and Amazon Fresh, the need for cold storage has skyrocketed.

Florida family loses $77,000 in apparent real estate scam

A Florida family is out $77,000, the apparent victims of a scam in a real estate transaction. The extended family – a woman and her boyfriend, her mother, sister and brother-in-law – pooled their money to buy a home in Jensen Beach.

"It was just what we were looking for," the brother-in-law told a local television station.

Shoddy workmanship might not be immediately evident

Building projects take a lot of time and money. It is imperative that these are taken care of correctly. Without proper permits and planning, these projects can turn into a nightmare. You also need to have a contractor who is reputable or the building might not be constructed in a safe or expected manner. We know that this isn't at all what you want.

Most construction projects have contracts that must be followed throughout the project. There should also be a process for what will happen when the terms of the contract aren't followed as stated. This is the first place you will turn to when obvious problems do arise. When initial attempts to resolve a problem fail, we are here to help clients get the response needed to resolve their problems -- whatever that may be.

Why it's not always ideal to buy a preconstruction Florida condo

Melbourne realtors often clamor to get an exclusive listing to sell units in a condo building the moment they hear that a new Florida development is in the works. They attract customers in the market for a newly constructed home by telling them that the earlier they buy, the better the price will be. They also let them know that they customize their unit. Even though it may seem ideal to buy a condo during the preconstruction phase, that's not always the case.

Architects often complete their renderings of blueprints as part of a bid process to impress their clients (the developers). Sometimes they include awe-inspiring design effects that they expect to execute during the construction phase. While blueprints may be approved by developers, there's no guarantee that city officials will agree to issue a permit without any modifications having to be made.

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