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June 2018 Archives

Use extreme caution with all real estate transactions

When you are dealing with any type of real estate transaction, you are likely dealing with a considerable investment. This can make it difficult for some people because the financial obligation is frightening. It is imperative that you take the time to understand everything about the transaction if you are going to be doing anything involving real estate.

What does 'caveat emptor' in the context of real estate sales?

'Caveat emptor' is an ancient Latin phrase that when used in a legal context, essentially means "let the buyer beware." This refers to the problem that frequently happens when an owner of a piece of property sells it to someone else. Invariably, the owner has a great deal more information about the property than the buyer.

What should I be wary of when signing an noncompete agreement?

No matter what field you work in, whether it's technology, medicine or business, new hires are likely to be asked to sign either a noncompete or nondisclosure agreement (NCA or NDA), or both. It's become increasingly popular for employees to be asked to sign them before being hired to work for an employer.

What questions should I ask before making an offer to buy a home?

When evaluating a potential new home that you're interested in purchasing, not all of the information you need will be available in the documentation the home seller provides you. This means you'll have to do some digging with pointed questions that reveal what you need to know about the property.

Buying or selling a property is a big commitment

Real estate is a big part of Florida's economy, and individuals and businesses alike are often looking for the right place to make a base. Between new shops needing a storefront to second homes near the shore, someone is always buying property to make a dream come true.

What happens at my real estate closing?

As a first-time Florida home buyer, this probably is one of the most exciting times of your life. Everything has gone remarkably well for you up to this point. Not only did the seller agree to your purchase offer, you found a mortgage company willing and able to lend you the money. Now the only thing left before you proudly take possession of your new home is your closing.

Why do people delay finalizing their estate plans?

There are countless Florida residents who have yet to finalize their estate plans. These individuals may have a variety of excuses for the delay. These excuses might even seem viable to them, but if they fail to complete their estate planning before they die, eventually there will come a moment when it's too late to get this task completed. For that reason, estate planning is best done now, rather than later.

Business litigation must be handled thoroughly

Businesses sometimes have to take drastic measures to protect their assets. In some cases, this means taking legal action. Business litigation matters a huge deal for companies because they can drastically impact the business. One thing is for sure in these cases -- you don't want to go into the case unprepared. We can help you find out your options for handling all matters related to the issue so that your business can move past the unfortunate events.

Boca landlord sues a developer, builder for construction defects

Southstar Capital Group, the owner of a central Florida apartment complex named Sola at Celebration, has filed a lawsuit in against both the Houston-based Hines and their contractor Urban Oaks Builders. The property's Boca Raton-based owners maintain that both concealed, misrepresented or otherwise withheld information they had about certain construction defects that their master-planned community had.

Florida courts may rule on the state of trusts

Trusts are an excellent way of keeping our families and other interests safe when we are no longer able to manage our affairs. Florida lawyers and courts often rule on the best ways to create and preserve assets for offspring and benevolent causes.

Problems with construction projects must be addressed quickly

We recently discussed what you need to look for when you are signing a construction contract. This is more important than what many people might realize because if you don't get what you paid for or what was agreed to, this contract can contain the information you need to get the issues corrected or to take legal action.

Will the city of Sarasota need to pay a $50 million verdict?

The city of Sarasota is on the brink of needing to pay $50 million in damages to a plaintiff in a breach of contract lawsuit. The plaintiff, Buck-Leiter Development, a private real estate developer, filed suit against the city years ago because Sarasota allegedly broke its contractual arrangement regarding a parking garage for Palm Avenue. Palm Avenue is a retail and hotel space that developers built on city property.

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