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July 2018 Archives

Examples of real estate litigation lawsuits

If you're involved in a real estate litigation dispute, there's probably a lot of money at stake. For this reason, you may want to look into your options for legal representation to increase your chances of defending your rights to achieving a favorable result. At Frese Whitehead & Anderson, PA, we assist litigants in every area of real estate litigation law.

Homeowners' association rules shouldn't trump laws

The laws that govern a homeowners' association are often very limiting for the individuals who spent good money on their property. These HOAs have to do what they feel is best for all members of the association, but there are times when this can seriously limit the freedoms that each homeowner should have. We recently discussed the case of the veteran who was taking the HOA to court over his right to fly the American flag. This is a horrible situation for a person who served in the military to be placed in.

What is the most common reason wills are contested?

If you think about those who are closest to you, then you can probably easily identify those who are more opinionated than others. While having people like this around may be helpful in making certain decisions, any help they provide you with in selecting the executor or beneficiaries of your estate can hurt you, making it take longer to settle your estate.

What should you do if your contractor violates your agreement?

While you may expect an unlicensed contractor to do a poor job or to not perform work according to schedule, you probably wouldn't expect the same level of service out of a licensed one. Each day across Florida, a new lawsuit gets filed against against yet another contractor who didn't comply with their construction contract.

Florida homeowners association dispute headed to court

A Florida man is suing the homeowners association in his former condominium community, seeking to recoup money he lost in a long-running dispute with the association – and more. He recently got a court date for a trial, and he's seeking $1 million.

What you should know about physician noncompete agreements

If you are a physician and work at a group practice, in a hospital, or with an HMO, you are likely familiar with the concept of the noncompete agreement. This type of agreement in an employment contract is to prevent you from setting up a private practice in a specific geographic area for a specific amount of time after you terminate your employment with the group practice.

Credit history issues that could affect your new home purchase

Are you considering the purchase of a new home in Melbourne? Your credit history could affect your ability to get approved for the mortgage to buy the property. Those with strong credit and considerable cash reserves that they can use as a down payment have a higher likelihood of getting approved for a good mortgage. If you're concerned about your eligibility to gain approval, consider the following questions:

Impairment is a big problem in the construction industry

Hiring a contractor means putting your trust in someone. In many cases, this is only done after you vet the candidates for the job. Many Floridians have construction projects completed without any issues. Others might not be so lucky and may have issues during a project or even after its completion.

Business mergers hover around $2.5 trillion half way through 2018

Mergers worth a record $2.5 trillion have been brokered so far this year in the United States. At least four of the ten largest deals struck have involved non-tech companies joining forces in hopes of protecting themselves from being overtaken by larger technology firms.

What are split-interest trusts?

As part of your estate planning, you may have a desire to help both your family and to give to a charity with a mission that's near and dear to your heart at the same time. If this is something that you have plans of doing, then you may want to consider setting up a split-interest trust. There are two different types of these.

CC&Rs apply to many Florida communities

Your long, trying task of finding the perfect Florida house is over. You found a beautiful place with just the right square footage and a pool, and it sits on a corner lot in the most well-kept neighborhood of all the ones you explored. You make an offer. It's accepted.

3 essential tips for the first-time homebuyer

Buying a home may seem like an intimidating process if you are a first-time homebuyer. Purchasing real estate may be the biggest transaction of your life. While it may feel scary to do this without any experience, you can succeed with some preparation. 

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