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August 2019 Archives

Vague instructions regarding trusts may complicate litigation

The process of estate planning can be confusing, but it is certainly no worse than the difficulties faced in probate and trust litigation. If a will or trust document is not clear or executed properly, possible inheritors and benefactors may not know to what they are entitled.

Florida contractor negligence can be costly for all parties

Several Fort Lauderdale business owners filed suit against Florida Power & Light (FPL) and a contractor that they hired to perform work for them in Broward Circuit Court over the summer. The five companies lost significant business when the contractor pierced a hole in a water pipe causing a water main to break in the city on July 17.

Violating a contract can lead to serious legal troubles

Contracts are meant to provide protections for both parties that sign them. Each has conditions that they must meet. When either side doesn't uphold their end of the contract, a breach of contract has occurred. In some cases, this might lead to a lawsuit.

Reasons homeowners' associations sue and how to settle with them

A 2017 Community Associations Institute study revealed that nearly 70 million Americans resided within homeowners, cooperative or condo associations. A 2015 Coalition for Community Housing Policy in the Public Interest study revealed that 72% of those who lived in these communities were previously involved in a dispute with them. There are common matters that residents and associations fight over. There are also cost-effective ways of settling them.

Miami project results in construction litigation

Small and large businesses alike have gotten close to the red line and almost winked out of existence because of a bad-faith deal or a bad bet in a risky market. Reorganization, sale or bankruptcy are all ways to get out of a situation in which a firm is responsible for its own problems.

Did you uphold your end of the contract?

When you signed the contract, you had high hopes for the business partnership moving forward, knowing that it could benefit both of you. When the other party breached the contract, you saw all of those dreams fall apart in a hurry. Now you're wondering what you can do to make things right.

Finding the value of commercial real estate

If you have only purchased residential real estate in the past -- such as a family home -- and you're now thinking of buying a commercial property, you need to know that there are some significant differences in the way that you determine the value of that property. Before you close, make sure you know exactly what you're buying and why you're paying for it.

Review contracts for dispute resolution clauses

Contracts are legal agreements made between parties. When one party doesn't uphold their responsibilities in the contract, there is a chance that the other will take legal action for breach of contract. Not all of these cases end up in a trial court. Instead, many breaches of contract matters are handled through alternative dispute resolution methods. This includes mediation and arbitration, both of which might be specifically included in a resolution clause in the contract.

Commercial real estate underwriting can take some time

If you've recently set out to purchase commercial real estate in Florida, then you're probably well aware that while it's similar in some aspects to the residential process, it's very different in many ways as well. One factor that sets one type of transaction apart from the other is the time it takes to wrap up a deal. Commercial property closings notoriously take a long time.

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