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September 2019 Archives

You just may not be bound by your Florida non-compete agreement

On July 1, a new Florida statute went into effect that aims to change how physicians' non-compete agreements have historically been enforced. Florida Statutes Chapter 542 has now been updated to disallow health care organizations from suing doctors practicing in certain fields or rural areas for violating their non-compete agreements.

Trust litigation over digital currency resolves in Florida

Death is the ultimate mystery, and philosophers have spent thousands of years ruminating on where the experience may take us. But there are several questions that have to be answered about death in our world that take more practical forms. One of the questions that interests the others around us is how we leave our bequests and other assets to them or their peers.

Reasons to avoid an online will

It is easier than ever before to create a will. At least, that is what some businesses want you to think. Numerous online services have popped up in recent years that allow people to create digital wills. It seems like a great service, but anyone in need of a will needs to dig deeper. 

How should construction contracts deal with payment?

Before any service is provided in return for payment, a contract should be put into place. Contracts are made for the benefit of all parties involved. The goal of a contract is to formalize all communication in a way that is clear and legally binding. This enables all parties to have a safety net to fall back on if the contract is breached.

Contract terms for real estate purchases can be complex

When it is time for you to purchase real estate, your top priority is to make sure that you are doing what is in your best interest. One thing that might make this a bit more comfortable is to hire an attorney to assist you through the process. This helps you find out if there is anything hidden in documents, and the attorney can help you protect your rights.

Florida land disputes are often complicated

Land disputes are one of many types of real estate matters that often lead to individuals having to resolve their differences in court. Riparian (water) use and ownership, easements and land boundary and title issues are some of the more common concerns that give way to lawsuits.

Contesting a will in Florida

People have the ability and right to designate the distribution of their assets. However, sometimes, outside forces influence those decisions.

How are trusts disputed in court?

Trusts are a great way to avoid a lot of trouble with bequests while giving the highest possible value to children, relatives and charitable organizations. Smart people often use the estate planning process to move past simple wills and put assets and properties in trust.

Buying your first commercial property in Florida

Commercial real estate is a very common choice for investors. Many people get a buzz from finding a property that has huge potential to increase in value in a relatively short period of time. If you want to invest in a property that can be used commercially and to gain a rental income, you should make sure that you are going about it in the best way possible.

Know contract terms so you are aware of how breaches are handled

Breach of contract is a serious legal matter because contracts are meant to be followed. When one party doesn't follow it, the other party can suffer damages. The goal of the legal action after the breach is to help the party recover what they lost because of the issue.

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