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Breach Of Contract

Contracts provide vital structure and stability to both internal business operations and to relationships with vendors, suppliers and other parties. When one side fails to comply with the terms of the contract — or those terms are ambiguous — it can affect the company in very detrimental ways.

At the Brevard County law firm of Frese, Whitehead & Anderson, P.A., our commercial litigation attorneys represent business owners and real property owners in Viera and throughout the surrounding areas of Florida who find themselves embroiled in conflicts over various types of contracts and agreements. We also frequently represent members of professional practices, including physicians, accountants, engineers and architects.

Disputes Over Purchase Agreements, Noncompete Agreements And More

Following are a few common examples of breach of contract disputes that we handle:

  • A business owner negotiates a $3 million contract to buy a piece of commercial property. Before the deal closes, the seller attempts to change the purchase conditions, and the buyer must sue to enforce the contract.
  • A professional association of physicians wants to sell out to a larger medical group. After the contract is signed, the medical group fails to adhere to the terms and the matter goes to arbitration.
  • A condominium association signs a contract with a construction company to refurbish an older building. However, the company fails to complete the work to the agreed-upon standards and within the agreed-upon time frame.
  • An employer sues a former employee for sharing trade secrets with a competitor or for failing to abide by a noncompete agreement.

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