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February 2019 Archives

What are some things that your homeowners association cannot do?

Many factors may motivate you to buy a house located in a homeowners association (HOA). You may like the idea of gaining access to amenities like a clubhouse or having block parties with neighbors. You may appreciate knowing that the value of your Melbourne home is protected by the aesthetic standards that they set. Although there are positives associated with them, there are instances in which an HOA may overstep their rights.

What are common grounds for contesting a trust?

When a person passes away, their estate directives may come as a shock to their loved ones. Perhaps the person spoke for most of their life about leaving their estate to a particular charity, but instead left it to one of their carers that they had known in their final months.

Noncompliance with contract terms must be handled swiftly

Contracts are a central part of business, but there are times when companies don't follow the terms of the contract. This puts the other party in a precarious position because they might not want to have to take legal action to have the terms of the agreement enforced, but they need to know that the contract's terms will be followed.

You can minimize your risk of picking a problem-ridden contractor

Each year across Florida, countless homeowners hire contractors to perform home repairs after a hurricane has passed. While there are many trustworthy contractors out there who do a good job, there are just as many bad ones who rush in to help. While there's no one approach to use to pick a reputable contractor, the more boxes that they check off your list, the better their chances are of being someone who does a job right.

How long does it typically take to close on a commercial loan?

In business, time often equals money. Companies are often motivated to quickly close on the commercial properties that they want to buy because the sooner that they do, the sooner that it is that they can start generating much-needed cash to begin paying off their investment. This is perhaps one of the reasons that Florida business owners ask how long it will take to close on their commercial loans.

How to handle an ineffective building contractor

Your home is your castle. Before hiring a building contractor, you probably dreamed of ways to improve your house. If your vision does not line up with the contractor’s results, you may need to act quickly to save money, protect your legal rights and find someone to do the job correctly. 

Understanding material and nonmaterial contract breaches

Contracts are not meant to be broken, and the act of putting the contract in place should perform as a deterrent so that disputes can be avoided in the future. When the terms of a contract are applied to real-life situations, it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether a contract has, in fact, been breached and whether action can be legitimately taken.

Legal matters relating to trusts must be handled swiftly

Trusts are useful tools for people to distribute assets after they pass away. The trusts holds the assets, which are managed by a trustee. For the most part, there isn't much that can be done when heirs don't agree with the terms of the trust; however, there are some situations that might require legal action. We are here to help you determine whether you have any recourse if you feel that the trust isn't what it is supposed to be. If you do have options, we can help you exercise those.

Can I fire a physician immediately for breaching their contract?

You have a physician whom you've invested a lot of time and energy in recruiting and training. Maybe you've built your facility's reputation on the expertise or experience that they bring to the table. It can be difficult to let them go. However, if they breach the terms of their contract, it may be warranted. There are a few factors that you should take into account before you fire a doctor if you want to avoid being sued.

Watch for signs of fraud in a commercial property closing

An executive in the Florida title insurance industry has cautioned buyers of commercial properties that the risk of cyberfraud in commercial real estate deals is growing. Fraudsters now seek to profit from larger deals than home sales. Residential real estate previously had been the target.

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