Understanding material and nonmaterial contract breaches

Contracts are not meant to be broken, and the act of putting the contract in place should perform as a deterrent so that disputes can be avoided in the future. When the terms of a contract are applied to real-life situations, it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether a contract has, in fact, been breached and whether action can be legitimately taken.

If you are subject to a business contract in Florida, it is important that you understand the terms of the contract and exactly how they apply to the situation you have found yourself in.

What is the difference between a material and nonmaterial breach of contract?

A nonmaterial breach of contract means that the contract was violated in some way theoretically, but in this breach, no real damages were caused as a consequence. If you are trying to defend a contract breach, it may make sense to try to argue that the breach was, in fact, nonmaterial, even if the other party tries to claim otherwise.

A material breach of contract can come with consequences because it often means that one party has suffered financially as a result.

How can a contract breach be resolved?

It may be possible to successfully resolve a breach of contract through alternative dispute resolution. This can be done through arbitration or mediation, and it can mean that the parties will not have to go through expensive litigation.

If you are dealing with a contract breach accusation in Florida, it is important that you do not delay taking action to address the disagreement.


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