A Florida developer sues its subcontractor for shoddy work

A West Palm Beach company, Kast Construction, has sued its Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, subcontractor, Titus Construction, for performing allegedly shoddy work on a condo building named ONE St. Petersburg. The subcontractor has countersued Kast on the grounds that they were asked to complete work that wasn’t in the contract nor compensated for.

According to a spokesperson for Titus, the company was hired to take all the framing and drywall work in the building. Once their workers reached the 32 floor of the building, Kast’s ownership informed Titus’ that their work would need to be substantiated before they’d be able to finish work on the remaining nine levels of the building.

A spokesperson for Titus says that they flatly declined to allow this to occur. Instead, Titus’ workers were ordered to continue doing the work that they’d been asked to complete on the entire building. Their spokesperson contends that plans are in place to finish the job by the end of this month.

As for Kast Construction’s perspective on the matter, in their court filing, they alleged that Titus performed poor work on the first 32 floors on the building. They note that the framing is out of whack and unlevel. Kast contends that this has resulted in them having to bring in a secondary subcontractor to both correct and complete work not performed up to standards by Titus.

Kast Construction, which is owned by the developer of the 41-story downtown St. Petersburg condo building, also lists a surety company as a defendant to the suit in addition to Titus. That company’s responsibility is to ensure that the subcontractor carried out the work that they were hired to perform or reimburse the funds paid to have it completed.

Titus has since countersued. They accuse Kast of having had them complete over $3.6 million dollars’ worth of services that weren’t required under the existing contract.

A spokesperson for the developer has announced that both companies are working together to resolve their differences.

Reaching amicable resolutions to shoddy construction work product cases is oftentimes not the norm, especially when large contracts are at stake. That’s why it’s important to have a Melbourne construction litigation attorney on your side who both manages costs and achieves timely results.


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